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Shaping the future of data

What we're working on in Refinitiv Labs

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Refinitiv Labs is shaping the future of data in financial services.

Our work

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Refinitiv Labs redefines the art of the possible by tackling the most challenging problems in capital markets. 

We combine our unrivalled breadth and depth of quality data, expert technical capability and world-class talent to solve real world problems and deliver tangible business benefit to our customers.

We solve for your real-world problems today and reveal the path to success tomorrow.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Refinitiv Labs is creating new AI / Machine Learning use cases and shaping the future of data in financial services.


How can we give the data science community easy access to Refinitiv data?


We apply data science expertise to build leading AI / Machine Learning prototypes to solve real-world customer and industry problems - and show the art of the possible. Explore the projects Refinitiv Labs is currently working on.

Explaining extreme price moves using real-time analytics and machine learning

Introducing Project Mosaic

Project Mosaic detects and explains extreme price moves in real time, allowing equity traders to understand the context of the change and respond rapidly.

Surfacing equity performance themes in unstructured content

Introducing Project SentiMine

SentiMine reduces the time-consuming process of reviewing and interpreting unstructured financial content by applying topic modelling, NLP and deep learning capabilities. It helps to understand the key drivers of equity performance and changes in analysts’ outlook over time and across multiple content types in a single view.

Inside Refinitiv Labs

What we do

  • Data leadership
  • Customer focus
  • Technical expertise

Refinitiv Labs uses data, domain expertise and emerging technology to solve today’s problems at the same time as revealing the path to future success.

No one offers our breadth and depth of quality data.

  • 40 billion market updates & 53 billion market data updates from 150,000 sources
  • 2 billion linked relationship in Knowledge Graph
  • Time series data on 42 million instruments across all major asset classes & <70 years history
  • 1 million+ research documents per quarter
  • Deep insight on 68,000 public companies - 99% of global market cap
  • 8.3 million private companies 3.5 million business descriptions 900,000 financial statements
  • 2 petabytes of time-stamped data dating back to 1996
  • 12.5 million time series, of which 6.1 million go back 30+ years
  • Up to 40,000 companies covered across StarMine models, with monthly and daily histories
  • Machine Readable News powered by Reuters news - applying advanced NLP in milliseconds

Add to this our leading technical capabilities in AI, including Machine Learning, NLP and deep learning, the cloud and alternative data, we produce world-class prototypes and research.

In a collaborative, agile and design-led process, we address your challenges and apply our expertise through 10-week sprints from hypotheses to completion. 

Whether it’s sharing a new idea, giving your team early access to one of our AI prototypes, collaborating on innovation best practice, like design thinking and lean canvas, or equipping you with our wealth of quality data in the context of your own AI project – we are here to help.

Together, we solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

labs learn it all sessions

Learn-it-all Labs

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our latest AI/ML use cases, technologies and innovation process.

Register now for our Refinitiv Learn-It-All-Labs series – created to equip the financial services data science community​ with the latest skills and Machine Learning use cases in bite-sized 30-minute sessions.