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LIBOR Transition and Replacement Rate solutions

Interdealer Broker (IDB) data

Access new risk-free rate data via our data feeds products and Refinitiv® Eikon and Refinitiv® Workspace desktops.

Why choose interdealer broker data?

Global interdealer brokers such as ICAP, Tradition and Fenics are key intermediaries in facilitating transactions on new reference rates. You can access RFRs Derivatives IDB data from Refinitiv products and services easily. 

What is IDB data?

Brokers are offering a comprehensive set of new data related to risk-free rates, available on Refinitiv services.

This data offering includes:

  • Overnight index swaps
  • Cross-currency basis swaps: GBP SONIA vs USD SOFR, JPY TONAR vs USD SOFR, CHF SARON vs USD SOFR, GBP SONIA vs EUR €STR
  • Basis swaps: USD OIS Fed Fund vs SOFR, SOFR vs LIBORs, SONIA vs LIBORs, €STR vs EURIBORs 
  • FRAs
  • Refinitiv offers risk-free rates data packages from FENICS, TRADITION, BGC, TULLETT and ICAP. Exclusive Tradeweb OIS data can be retrieved from Refinitiv Services.

Our solution

What you get with interdealer broker data?

Refinitiv helps you access new risk-free rate data via our data feeds products and Refinitiv® Eikon and Refinitiv® Workspace desktops. We have a dedicated app in Eikon and Workspace that provides access to all relevant broker data. We have also enhanced the advanced OTC interest rate derivatives search tool to help you easily find the data you are looking for.

IDB data on Eikon
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Special report

Moving forward with LIBOR transition and IBOR reform

Address the challenges and risks, the development of alternative data or reference rates, and read what is at stake with LIBOR and other interbank offered rates (IBORs) ahead of the expected end-2021 deadline for replacing LIBOR.


How can interdealer broker data benefit you?

Refinitiv is committed to providing you with tools to monitor the Libor transition, asses risks and impacts.


Access accurate new risk-free rate data from all major brokers for Refinitiv data feeds and desktop solutions.

Extensive coverage

IDB provides a wide coverage of Rates Derivatives content for OIS, Basis Swaps, Cross Currency Basis Swaps, Swaptions, Caps & Floors, FRAs

Strategic response

Participants require data sets to enable a move away from LIBOR. These data sets will replace existing workflows where LIBOR data sets are used today.