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LIBOR Transition and Replacement Rate solutions

ISDA Fallback rates

Refinitiv is an authorized distributor for ISDA IBOR Benchmark Fallback rates on its products.

ISDA Fallback rates play a pivotal role for OTC Derivatives within the LIBOR transition and wider IBORs reform

ISDA Fallback rates are relevant to derivatives trades referencing a specific IBOR and play a key role in the event of a permanent cessation of that interbank offered rate (IBOR). Specific fallback rates are set out in the 2006 ISDA Definitions. ISDA released robust Fallback rates that would apply in the event of a permanent cessation of a key interbank offered rate (IBOR).

What are ISDA Fallback rates?

More than $350 trillion worth of financial instruments reference LIBOR – the benchmark that is expected to cease at the end of 2021. Current financial contracts documentation does not include the relevant language to cover the end of a benchmark. So, as LIBOR ends, contracts will not have a new rate to fall back on or rely on. But the new available ISDA protocol and its adoption enable a fallback rate to be inserted, covering the move out from LIBOR or any other benchmark.

Our solution

Refinitiv has made ISDA Fallback rates available in Eikon and across all platforms

Refinitiv has supported the ISDA IBOR Fallbacks available across all services since November 6, 2020, including the adjusted risk-free rate RFR that is compounded in arrears and the spread adjustment rate. We also support the IBOR fallback rate for the following IBORs: the Australian dollar bank bill swap rate (BBSW), the Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR), Swiss franc LIBOR, EURIBOR, euro LIBOR, sterling LIBOR, HIBOR, euro-yen TIBOR, yen LIBOR, TIBOR and US dollar. We provide access to all ISDA fallback rates, covering the following IBORs:

  • the Australian dollar bank bill swap rate (BBSW)
  • the Canadian Dollar Offered Rate (CDOR)
  • Swiss Franc LIBOR
  • Euro LIBOR
  • Sterling LIBOR
  • Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR)
  • Euroyen TIBOR
  • Yen LIBOR
  • Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate (TIBOR) 

You can view the ISDA Fallbacks on the IBOR app.

Refinitiv is an authorised redistributor of ISDA IBOR Fallback rates on its products. Products include Eikon/Refinitiv Workspace, RKD, Refinitiv Datastream®, Refinitiv Real-Time - Optimized, Refinitiv DataScope Select and Refinitiv Tick History. To become permissioned, contact us or get in touch with your Refinitiv Account Manager. Refinitiv supports all the same real-time data and historical rates with the same commercial set-up.

ISDA fallback rates on Eikon
Blue and green lines of data with numbers against a dark background
Access ISDA Fallback rates via Refinitiv

ISDA Fallback rates are available across all Refinitiv desktop and data feeds services. Search for <IBOR>  in Eikon to access all relevant data


How can ISDA Fallback rates benefit you?

Refinitiv is committed to providing you with tools to monitor the Libor transition, assess risks and impacts

A holistic approach

Refinitiv is undertaking a range of proactive changes and is able to deliver the data, news, expertise and analytics needed for a smooth transition.


The data you need is delivered when you need it. ISDA Fallback Rates are available across all Refinitiv services. 24-hour delayed data is available, but also requires permissioning (free of charge until cessation date)

Cost effectiveness​

The ISDA Fallback Rates will be free of charge for now, for standard use cases