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LIBOR transition and replacement rate solutions

Navigating the LIBOR transition

Download the latest Refinitiv guide exploring how organisations can take the necessary steps to be ready for the LIBOR transition.

LIBOR is coming to an end on 31 December 2021, businesses of every scale will need to adapt to a new market landscape.

Being ready for this transition is critical for any business. While some organisations have rightly started preparing for it, many others are still grappling with some key questions: what are the new benchmark rates? How do we manage the transition? What do we do now? Refinitiv has the answers in our latest guide to navigating the LIBOR transition. Download the guide to work out your exposure to LIBOR and why you can’t afford to wait until the LIBOR transition deadline.

Access the full guide to find out:

  • Where is the market and the industry in the transition?
  • What are the alternatives to LIBOR and why are they better?
  • How to build an understanding of LIBOR and your potential exposure.
  • The key changes to implement now.
  • The trusted data and leading-edge tools for a seamless LIBOR transition.
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Navigating the LIBOR transition 

A practical guide that educates financial professionals to assess the current market and find alternatives to LIBOR.

This is a technology challenge because LIBOR has been so embedded in applications and processes in big institutions for thirty years, so the challenge is to build out that inventory so they can then figure out how they are going to replace it with an alternative number. Institutions need to be acting now — they can’t afford to delay and wait until it’s too late.