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Market Data

Reference data, analytics, and pricing services

Enhance your workflow with our cross-asset data analytics, reference and regulatory data, and pricing services.  

Simplify your workflow

As trading strategies and financial instruments increase in sophistication, and regulatory requirements grow more complex, leverage our reference data, analytics and pricing services to power your pre-trade, at-trade and post-trade workflows.  

Our analytics and pricing solutions are underpinned by the breath and depth of our data, ranging from cross-asset market data to regulatory and reference data, as well as our data management technologies. We want you to spend less time and resources on data wrangling, and more time on building financial applications, driving big data insights, and improving your innovation and technology strategies.  

How we help

Bringing trusted and accurate expertise

Aggregated and enriched data, delivered the way you need, means that data is just beginning.

Evaluated Pricing Services

Manage the growing complexity of investments diversification along with increased market volatility and tighter regulation with our independent, global evaluated pricing for over 2.6 million fixed income securities, derivatives and bank loans. This includes Hard-to-Value assets in core and emerging markets, spanning core sectors and industries. 

Reference Data Services

To ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips, access our comprehensive and accurate reference data. Offering global coverage of more than 80m active and matured financial instruments across an extensive range of asset classes, with intraday updates.  

Regulatory Data Services

With direct access to our comprehensive and independent reference data, you can confidently cover all your global and regional compliance needs. We also provide data solutions specific to each key regulation. These solutions provide flexibility and enable you to evolve with ever-changing requirements – by giving your business the data you need, right when you need it.

Entity Data Services

Produced by a global team of hundreds of market analysts across the world, the Refinitiv Entity Data team manages the process of collecting, cleansing, cross-referencing and storing the information required for today’s demanding environments, eliminating the need for financial firms to manage this time-consuming, costly and error-prone work.

Refinitiv Entity Data offers depth of coverage – from information about the issuers themselves to other critical wholesale market participants. 

Instrument Pricing Analytics

Apply our leading pricing analytics pre-configured with cross-asset market data, reference data, and pricing models, delivered via cloud infrastructure, directly into your pre-trade, middle office, back office or regulation workflows. Instruments covered include bond, options, swaps, volatility surfaces, zero coupon curves and forwards analytics.  

Yield Book Analytics

Capable of handling the most complex fixed income products, Yield Book is a trusted and authoritative source for in-depth risk analytics, regulatory stress-testing and complex portfolio analysis across global investments. Yield Book is designed to support clients’ complex analytical needs and help them meet their business objectives.



Learn more with our market data insights

Gain insights from the real-time and pricing and reference services teams – including reports, blogs, and videos – help organisations think strategically about data and data management.