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Data Identifiers


Today’s data-driven use cases and tomorrow’s innovation with AI and machine learning often rely on symbology. Whether it’s RIC, ISIN, PermID, LEI, SEDOL or another identifier, we have you covered.

Connecting your data through symbology

As the amount of data that your firm is using increases, so does the complexity. To get trades, analytics, risk management, compliance, and clearing and settlement done, you need to know that you are engaging with the right companies, financial instruments and more.

Symbology simplifies data complexity. It is the application of data-based identifiers that enable recognition of a security or a legal entity. There are a number of different identifiers that are deployed within the financial services industry for a range of different use cases.

How we help

Our symbology services

We support a number of identifiers to enable you to deliver on your firm’s use cases, such as connecting data across the trade life cycle.

Features & Benefits

Why choose our symbology services?

Trusted identifiers

Refinitiv and LSEG have decades of experience in all aspects of symbology, from creating symbology programmes to helping clients manage symbology data.

Innovative identifiers

PermID is a truly ground-breaking application of symbology that is supported by a suite of tools while SEDOL issues identifiers for digital assets.

Connected data

Unleash the power of identifiers to connect your firm’s data across the whole trade cycle, with Real-Time Data, Reference Data, Regulatory Data and more.

Developer’s Community

Read articles about how to apply symbology tools within your organisation to support your use cases and innovate.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team have deep expertise in helping firms get the most out of their symbology programmes.

Use case application

Symbology can be applied to a wide range of business processes, including trade execution, trade processing, price validation, trade reconciliation and reporting.


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