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Fixed Income Data Services

Pricing, reference data, indices and analytics

Get invaluable support for the front, middle and back offices and optimise your fixed income strategy with our comprehensive pricing and reference data.

Your new home for fixed income

Refinitiv’s evaluated pricing and reference data is trusted as an independent and accurate source of evaluated pricing by asset owners and managers worldwide.  

With daily evaluated pricing on over 2.6 million fixed income instruments and reference data covering more than 80 million instruments across all asset classes, our valuation services provide you with the trusted data you need to optimise your fixed income strategy.  

Our data powers the FTSE Russell fixed income indices and is supported by Yield Book’s trusted analytics. This in turn empowers you to eliminate end of day pricing discrepancies in your portfolio valuations, resulting in accurate performance, minimal errors and optimal risk mitigation. 

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Perspectives LIVE

Navigating fixed income volatility in uncertain times

Our recent Perspective Live, delves into some of the challenges facing customers in navigating fixed income volatility. Join us as we explore the dynamics that underpin valuations and the tools that can be applied to ensure valuations remain representative in today’s fast paced volatile markets.

Expert Interview

Exploring new dimensions in fixed income data

Fixed income index data is taking on new dimensions, enabling firms to better collaborate across the front, middle and back office. In this video, John Mason, head of pricing and reference services at Refinitiv and Scott Harman, head of fixed income multi-asset indices at FTSE Russell, talk about how data collaboration supports firms’ business goals.

How we help

Refinitiv empowers you to optimise your fixed-income strategy and meet your compliance needs by delivering high quality, accurate and transparent data 

Transparency in the prices you use to value fixed-income portfolios  

  • Our pricing data uses transparent methodologies, proving a solid foundation for more accurate and transparent pricing calculations. 
  • We help you control the costs associated with price challenges and reduce the risk of delays in striking NAVs. 

Accurate data, trusted by FTSE Russell for optimal portfolio valuations   

  • As an independent provider with a market-driven, collaborative approach, we are able to provide consistent datasets and analytics across the management process (portfolio and benchmarks). 
  • Using the same evaluated pricing used in the FTSE Russell indices ensures accurate performance reporting with minimal tracking error. 

Simpler, more cost-effective compliance and regulatory reporting  

  • With direct access to our comprehensive and independent reference data, you can confidently cover all your global and regional compliance needs as well as reduce the costs and effort associated with it. 
  • Expert evaluators, transparent methodologies, and challenge reports to support your regulatory reporting requirements. 

A single, trusted provider of consistent coverage across fixed income sectors and markets  

  • Refinitiv’s expertise in pricing and reference data, combined with FTSE Russell’s extensive capabilities in indices and analytics, provides comprehensive coverage for fixed income owners and managers.
  • FTSE Russell offers benchmark and custom index strategies designed and built by industry experts, and Refinitiv data is supported by market leading analytical capabilities and underpinned by market-driven pricing and a uniform reference dataset. 

Features & Benefits

What you get with our pricing and reference data solutions

Why choose Refinitiv for your fixed income investing needs?

Greater transparency

Enhanced transparency in the prices you use to value fixed income portfolios

Accurate, high quality data

Accurate data that is trusted by FTSE Russell to ensure optimal portfolio valuations with minimal errors

Efficient regulatory support

A simplified approach to reduce both the effort and cost associated with regulatory reporting and compliance

A holistic solution

A holistic solution from a single provider able to deliver comprehensive, consistent coverage of fixed income sectors and markets across reference data, pricing, indices and analytics