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Legal entity data and services

Why choose Refinitiv Entity Data?

Our legal entity data offers depth of coverage, from information about the issuers themselves to other critical wholesale market participants, produced by a global team of hundreds of market analysts across the world.

We manage the process of collecting, cleansing, cross-referencing, and storing the information required for today’s demanding environments, eliminating the need for financial firms to manage this time-consuming, costly and error-prone work.

Built and maintained by hundreds of editors, market analysts, content specialists, and Six Sigma Black Belt quality assurance experts, we use detailed, market-based process rules to deliver world-class content.


Our entity data solutions and services

Verified Entity Data

Verified Entity Data as a Service ensures this data is accurate, appropriately linked to parent entity records, and cross-referenced to industry codes and your internal client identifiers, so that you can make informed decisions and meet regulatory requirements.

Verified Entity Data is available via two different service models to support your specific regulatory compliance obligations:

Managed Data Service (MDS)
Manages 58 data fields which make up a “core” entity record. Information for these data fields includes identifiers such as LEI and SWIFT BIC, addresses, industry classifications and corporate hierarchies required for onboarding and MiFID II compliance.

Enhanced Data Service (EDS)
Comprises modular based offerings to support clients’ regulatory reporting requirements. In addition to the MDS “core” entity records, clients will receive additional data classifications as defined by each regulatory reporting requirement. Existing EDS modules include Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FATCA, AnaCredit and FCA Transaction Reporting.

Features & Benefits

What you get with our entity data solutions

Both our entity data services and verified entity data as a service solutions offer comphensive data sources your business can rely on.

Comprehensive depth and breadth of coverage

Transparent and user-friendly data from authoritative sources

Delivering operational efficiency