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Quality, connected market data is the key to faster, smarter decisions. Discover, integrate, enrich, and consume the content you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

Announcement - 18 May 2022

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) today announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire MayStreet, a leading market data solutions provider.

Flexible data feed options to meet your needs

Nearly three-quarters of financial firms say they are increasing their use of market and reference data over the next 12 months. They will be powering trading applications, fueling financial portals, creating new algorithms, performing transaction cost analysis, and innovating with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Refinitiv Real-Time market data supports all of these use cases and more. You choose the data formats, delivery mechanisms, and publishing frequencies that you need to meet your market data requirements across the front, middle and back office. 

How we help

Our data is your competitive advantage

Get the most out of market data

Enabling data integration and distribution

Our data management and delivery capabilities include the critical components necessary for data integration and distribution at the enterprise level. These include technologies, data models and symbology that simplify data mapping, data access controls that fulfills your exchange compliance requirements, internal and external publishing services, as well as real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities that support cost and service management.

data at your fingertips
data at your fingertips

Firms choose us and stay with us because of the extraordinary range of data we publish, as well as the high quality of that data. We offer real-time and non-real-time access to market data for 90+ million instruments from 500+ global exchanges and 1,000+ OTC markets across all asset classes. 

Refinitiv data is truly normalised, using consistent symbology across all asset classes and venues. Machine-ready, the data sits within a unified and extensible data model, making it faster and easier to connect with other data types, such as reference data and machine-readable news.

The right update frequency, whatever your workflow.

Choose among direct data feeds, consolidated data feeds, conflated data feeds or historical tick data – depending on your use case. Know that data from the same source can be flowing across the front, middle and back office.  

Deliver data into your organisation with APIs and bulk feeds, query-ready tables or managed services. Financial professionals can also access the breadth and depth of Refinitiv Real-Time data through our highly customisable workflow solution, Refinitiv Workspace

data at your fingertips
data at your fingertips

Our industry standard APIs and market data feeds enable enterprise-wide access to real-time and non-real time market data with the ability to retrieve data using a normalised REST, websockets, XML or JSON. Our API access supports multiple formats, including Python, C++, NET, Java and other programming languages.

Or use our high-performance, low latency APIs that allow applications to consume several hundred streaming updates a second to support algorithmic trading.


Power your business-critical applications

Supporting you in your technology and data journey. Aligned to your buy, partner or build strategy.

Financial applications

Integrate Refinitiv market data seamlessly through industry-standard APIs for electronic and "click" trading, risk systems, workflow tools and CRMs.

Innovation through AI and ML

Deliver streaming feeds and deep historical archives directly to enable algorithms to exploit the power of normalized, enriched market data.

Client portals

Engage with a digitally-savvy and mobile audience by leveraging Refinitiv’s APIs to power your websites with high quality data.

Desktop solutions

Enable your financial professionals to access the full breadth of Refinitiv market data through our flagship solution, Refinitiv Workspace.

What is a data feed?

A data feed is a mechanism that is used to send data from one location to another. Today, market data vendors use a variety of different types of technology to send data to financial services firms around the globe, including APIs and bulk feeds, query-ready tables or managed services.

data at your fingertips

Market data based on your needs

Data access that matches workflow requirements across the front, middle and back office. Pick your ideal update frequency from low latency real-time, bandwidth optimised real-time, or tick history in the cloud.

  • Complete coverage
    More than 9 million price updates per second, with 2.5 terabytes of real-time pricing daily. Tick history data reaches back to 1996, with 6PB of historical data.
  • Update frequencies
    Publishing capacity rates and latency – including real-time, delayed, end-of-day and on-demand – that meet every trading application need.
  • Discoverable data
    With exclusive content for FX, credit, Interest Rate Derivatives and warrants, quickly find the right content with our standardized data and symbology.
  • Regulatory compliance
    A comprehensive historical database of tick data across all asset classes to help you meet best execution, FRTB, and other compliance use cases


Learn more with our market data insights

Gain insights from the real-time and pricing and reference services teams – including reports, blogs, and videos – help organisations think strategically about data and data management.