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Data feeds

Real-Time – Direct

Every microsecond of data speed makes a big difference. Our low-latency data feeds are normalised locally to venues and you can also leverage Refinitiv's APIs and data model. Give your electronic and algo trading, and AI and ML capabilities, a boost today.

Faster the better? Choose our trusted low-latency market data

Experience the Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct  solution: powering low-latency market data since 2006. Discover how our service builds on the content experience of Refinitiv's real-time, full book and full-tick data for exchanges worldwide. 

Real-Time – Ultra Direct is our ultra low latency market data feed handler offering robust technology and high performance for your low-latency market data needs with easy-to-use tools, configurable libraries and global coverage. 

What is a direct data feed?

Direct feeds are market data feeds normalised – directly from exchanges and other trading venues to financial firm’s front-office electronic trading applications. They include algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. 


real-time data at your fingertips

How we help

Real-Time – Direct feeds deliver high quality low latency data

Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct feeds are being used in production by dozens of firms globally, and have been operational across major venues for over a decade.  Our data supports millions of institutional and retail end users across the globe. 

Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct delivers impressive latency performance with very low jitter for the available venues – 99.99% of the updates below 50 microseconds ingress to egress. 

Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct market logic and symbology are fully aligned with Refinitiv industry-standard market data, meaning you can connect data across the front, middle and back office. 

Features & benefits

How Real-Time – Direct feeds services give you an edge

Easy to integrate

Fully compatible with Refinitiv’s Real-Time Distribution System and latest APIs, and leverages the Normalised Refinitiv Instrument Code (RICs). Compatible with Refinitiv Real-Time data solutions such as Real-Time – Optimized and Tick History.

Enriched content

Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct data is enriched intraday in near-real-time, with corporate actions, derived fields, exchange corrections and other reference data – thanks to Refinitivs’ worldwide content specialists.

Fully managed

A global market data support team offers real-time operations monitoring, service technical & content support, and ongoing change management. This team manages Refinitiv Real-Time – Direct feeds 24x7x365.

In action

How financial services firms use Real-Time – Direct feeds

Front-office customers across the world use Real-Time – Direct feeds to deliver value:

  • Back-testing and pre-trade analytics – assess your algorithms and perform best execution analytics
  • Price discovery – follow accurate price movements to ensure the best trades
  • Automated and algorithmic trading – deploy trusted exchange data for today’s technology-based trading approaches
  • Smart order routing – ensure you are transacting at the best venue, at the best price
  • Direct market access (DMA) trading – use in DMA programs with data that connects across the enterprise
  • FIX engine and clients – support FIX protocol messages and trading infrastructure 
  • OMS/EMS – discover Refinitiv’s growing number of partners
real-time data at your fingertips


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