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Historical Tick Data

Tick History

Historical tick history data from Refinitiv Real-Time data feeds, accessed in the cloud. Our 45PB+ database goes back as far as 1996.

Announcement - 18 May 2022

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) today announces that it has signed an agreement to acquire MayStreet, a leading market data solutions provider.

What is Tick History?

Tick History is our cloud-based service of historical real-time pricing data, covering OTC and exchange-traded instruments, from more than 500 trading venues and third-party contributors with over 45PB of data available. Each venue is normalised providing a consistent data experience across all exchanges along with raw formats being available. 


Access Refinitiv Tick History data in three easy ways:

  • Through a web-based user interface and the Refinitiv DataScope Select API, which supports easy consumption of Tick History content from the public cloud. 
  • Through the Tick History in Google Cloud Platform. Clients can query and analyse the output within the Tick-as-a-service database directly in the cloud using Google BigQuery, so that they do not need to download any data. By using Tick History in Google Cloud Platform, they can slash their run times from hours or days to just seconds.
  • Through the Customer File Service, which is an easy to access API of cloud downloadable venue-by-day files, which customers can transfer into their cloud or on-premises database.

The service also offers:

  • Normalised data format so that there is consistency in field and data types from each data source.
  • A custom extract service that allows users to select precisely the instruments, fields, and time periods that they need, and schedule generation of reports at a time to suit their business processes.
  • A large array of trade qualifiers on each venue to ensure precision on data queries and financial / trading models.

Why use Tick History in the cloud?

Financial services firms use historical tick data for a variety of use cases across the front, middle and back office. However, storing these enormous databases on premises is resource intensive. Refinitiv clients have lowered their tick history data storage and management costs by up to 90% by moving to the cloud

Refinitiv Tick History provides on-demand delivery of its universe of 90m active and retired securities via a REST API, through the public cloud. Clients can use a venue-by-day service for easy and complete extraction of every tick for all instruments for a given venue on a specific day. There is also a custom extract service that allows users to select the instruments, fields, and time periods that they need and schedule report generation at the time that suits their business needs. 

Refinitiv Tick History in Google Cloud Platform provides access to the unrivalled breadth and depth of Tick History data, which can then be worked with using Google BigQuery analytics. This combination transforms a query that would take hours or days of preparation and run time into just minutes. 

Features & benefits

What you get with Tick History

25 years of historical data

550+ global venues and third-party contributors

Unrivalled market depth and breadth

Tick History carries both level 1 and level 2 data, which is cleaned and normalised, ready for use. Data reaches back as far as 1996.

Aligned to the Refinitiv Data Platform

Tick History uses the Refinitiv data model, including symbology and identifiers. Easily combine Tick History with reference data, machine readable news, and more.

Connected across the enterprise

Tick History is on the Refinitiv data model, which enables firms to connect their Refinitiv data across the front, middle and back office, improving data governance and lowering TCO.

Robust global support

Refinitiv Professional Services has deep cloud implementation expertise. Support is 24/7/365, so clients have the help they need no matter where they are.

Rich Developer Community assets

Tick History has a deep library of videos, articles and more in the Developer Community to support implementation, query generation, and the use of Tick History in Google Cloud Platform.

Use cases

Tick History across the enterprise


  • Centralise tick history data across the organisation, eliminating team-held data pockets to improve data governance, reduce costs, and enhance efficiencies
  • Deploy the data in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects

Front Office

  • Back test trading strategies with tick-by-tick data to ensure robustness and optimal outcomes
  • Apply the data to test algorithmic trading models
  • Perform quantitative research and analytics

Middle Office

  • Perform transaction cost analysis (TCA) to meet regulatory best execution obligations and to improve trading efficiency – including order book recreation and market microstructure analysis
  • Apply the data to Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) use cases, including data sourced from brokers
  • Use the data to undertake market surveillance, to detect and prevent market abuse

Expert interviews

Why is robust tick history data essential?

In these videos, Saeed Amen, founder of Cuemacro, explains why having high quality, in-depth tick history data is so important for backtesting and transaction cost analysis (TCA).

Backtesting with Refinitiv Tick History in Google Cloud Platform

Transaction Cost Analysis with Refinitiv Tick History in Google Cloud Platform

Product in action

Tick History in more detail

Venue-by-day files

Access tick data for specific markets in a cost efficient way. Tick History offers a rolling 30 days of venue-by-day files.

Datascope Select TRTH Venue by Day screenshot

Download historical tick data for a given venue on a given day by selecting Tick History Venue by Day data

Datascope Select report templates previewing report extraction screenshot

Preview Report Extraction

Custom extraction

Tick History custom extractions allow your users to select precisely the instruments, fields, and time periods that they need, and schedule generation of reports at a time to suit their business processes.

Custom scheduling and downloading

You can schedule and download an extraction, or run one immediately, as part of the custom extraction workflow using Tick History.

Datascope select query types report options screenshot

Access Report templates