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Market data management

Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System

The industry-leading software that enables firms to consume, manipulate, transform and manage Refinitiv and other market        data sources.

Managing market data is a constant challenge

The volume of market data being used by financial services firms of all types is skyrocketing. At the same time, data management use cases are becoming increasingly complex while firms are seeing diminishing returns on building their own market data systems themselves.

To meet these challenges – and many others – firms are turning to the Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System. This software suite enables financial services firms to build an open market data platform – or let Refinitiv do it for them – that interacts with Refinitiv’s streaming real-time data service. The software supports the consumption of other vendor feeds, and firms can create their own internal streaming pricing services as well as manipulate, transform and manage all of those data sources, allowing them to optimize network, compute and storage spend. Additionally, RTDS gives firms the ability to accurately and compliantly administer and report on 3rd party data entitlements. 

Why Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System?

  • 30 out of 30
    of the biggest sell side banks globally are customers
  • 23 out of the 30
    largest global asset managers are customers
  • 500,000+
    active users and applications rely on RTDS

How we can help you

Refinitiv Real-Time Distribution System supports the use cases of financial firms around the globe with a range of key capabilities, including: 

  • In the cloud, with choice – firms can choose just to manage the installation and support of the software, or they can have Refinitiv look after installation, upgrades, health checks and tuning via the Refinitiv Complete Care package. With the Dynamic Remote Monitoring package, Refinitiv will also provide remote monitoring and service restoration.
  • Trusted Data Delivery – firms can create a variety of inter-office data topologies – including hub and spoke, and peer-to-peer – to route data from producers to any location around the globe, reducing infrastructure costs and improving resiliency and compliance.
  • Refinitiv Data Access Control System – the leading market data entitlements administration system. It is recognised by all major exchanges and venues as a means for customers to both stay compliant with exchange fees and manage their market data spend.
  • Refinitiv Real-Time Advanced Transformation Server – an additional, value-add component, it enables firms to take multiple data sources and parse, normalise, aggregate and calculate new pricing instruments for their applications and users to consume.
  • Refinitiv APIs – a range of open source, real-time APIs to meet customer needs, from lightweight, minimal code use cases to mission critical ones that must perform at scale and velocity.


What you get with our Real-Time Distribution System

Cloud and more

Choose from deployed, private or public cloud, or a hybrid of all three approaches. Build your own platform or let Refinitiv provide our key services to you.

Access multiple feed types

Consume vendor feeds, direct exchange feeds, broker feeds, customer written pricing servers, rule-based data transformations and more – including Refinitiv’s 90 million instruments across 500 exchanges.

Support from partners

Work with our network of more than 250 partners includes companies such as Murex, Calypso, Finastra, Broadridge, and others.

Robust technical support

Engage with content and technical helpdesk support 24/7 plus the diverse Developer Community. Full documented orchestration, containerisation and virtualisation support available.

Operational resilience

Be confident with a solution created from decades of experience and customer input, with an emphasis on high availability, seamless failover of services and routes, traffic management to control costs and maintain stability between sites.

In Action

Learn more about Refinitiv Real-Time Advanced Transformation Server

With this high performance, low latency calculation engine added to the Real-Time Distribution System, financial services firms can:

  • Combine data – bring together internal and external data sources using a web-based interface.
  • Perform calculations – deliver yield curves, mathematical functions, data and time, statistical functions, and more.
  • Parse data – extract data from pages or record pages and transform them into a logical record. For example, automate parsing and aggregation to parse hundreds of broker pages to find the best price.


  • Centralise data management – work on the same data in different geographic areas. Locate all strategic algorithms onto a dedicated calculation server.
  • Control permissioning – regulate who can create, update, and delete ATS records.


Learn more with our market data insights

Gain insights from the real-time and pricing and reference services teams – including reports, blogs, and videos – help organisations think strategically about data and data management. 

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