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Data distribution and data flow

Refinitiv's Real-Time Distribution System

Control data flow, automate entitlements, and support your web-based applications using a full suite of tools, with the industry’s most powerful market data distribution platform.

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Why choose Refinitiv's Real-Time Distribution System?

Reduce complexity and costs and streamline your operations. Transfer data across offices and functions securely and confidently using bespoke workflows unique to your organization.

A range of APIs lets you simply connect and distribute data, and our robust technology ensures minimal downtime. Your teams can write new apps or algorithms and quickly start trading with them over the platform.

To ensure compliance, our entitlements system has over 15,000 licenses globally. Content from any provider can be normalized and tagged so that it is identifiable at all stages, giving you full audit and compliance trails.

  • 15,000+
    licenses globally
  • 500,000+
    active users
  • 260+
    partner firms

Features & benefits

What you get with Refinitiv's Real-Time Distribution System 

Core infrastructure

Supports data distribution and integration, and the administrative function - a highly efficient data management service.

Control of flow and administration

Manage the flow of data to applications and automate entitlements to eliminate excess spend and reduce administrative costs.

Added value

Create, distribute, and integrate proprietary content with real-time calculations, analytics, and static data.

Systems management and support

Get better oversight of your infrastructure with an integrated console that helps monitor and manage platform performance and data-consuming apps.

Help with compliance

Benefit from full transparency around data publishing. Our entitlement system helps to establish audit and compliance trails.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Improve efficiency, lower network costs and only pay for the data your apps consume.

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