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Market data insights

Market and reference data strategies are evolving rapidly across financial services firms. Insights from the real-time and pricing and reference services teams – including reports, blogs, and videos – help organisations think strategically about data and data management. 

For front, middle and back offices of financial services firms – and the technology teams that support them – the market and reference data they use is of vital importance. 

Refinitiv Real-Time and Pricing and Reference Services support firms through the transformation of their market and reference data ecosystems. Whether a chief data officer is seeking to move data storage and analytics to the cloud, a trader wants to improve the quality of back-testing, or a middle office team needs to tackle large compliance projects like the LIBOR transition, Refinitiv can help.  

On this insights page, the Refinitiv Real-Time and Pricing and Reference Services teams bring together thought leadership to help support financial firms as they face the challenges and embrace the opportunities that the fast-changing world of data and data management create. 


What is LIBOR?

Roger Hirst is joined by Alex Hardouin, Refinitiv’s Head of Rates, to talk about the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). Businesses and consumers across all parts of the economy will probably have loans or mortgages that were referenced off LIBOR in its various forms. But what is LIBOR?