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Regulatory services

Respond more efficiently and cost-effectively to regulatory changes. As a trusted pricing and reference data partner, we provide your business with greater control over the content it consumes, and will help you respond to many of the regulatory challenges that you face.

Regulation doesn’t sit still. So neither should your reference data.

The regulatory landscape for financial services is constantly evolving.

This has put the entire industry and, in particular, compliance teams under increasing pressure as each new regulation including FRTB, SFTR, CSD-R or IBOR transition demands a different set of regulatory specific reference data, alongside the need to manage and draw insight from the information supplied.

Comprehensive reference data makes lighter work of regulation; this is the mission statement that Refinitiv works towards in collaboration with its clients.


It is also important to recognise that the initial implementation of a regulation often changes significantly in subsequent years, as unintended consequences of the legislation are unwound, and further reporting demands added.

We are mindful of staying ahead of these evolving data requirements. 

One such example of this is the post-Brexit data additions demanded under MiFID II. Through our early implementation of separate fields to distinguish between regulatory data from ESMA and the FCA, clients had the opportunity to actively test their applications and associated workflows beforehand.


Regulatory Data Playbook banner
Refinitiv Regulatory Data Playbook

Financial services regulation is a detailed and complex field that can often seem very difficult to navigate effectively. Download our Refinitiv Regulatory Data Playbook for a succinct and focused narrative to help you understand the key elements of each regulation – empowering your company to advance with confidence.

Refinitiv Regulatory Services for Pricing and Reference Data

As a trusted data partner, we can help you respond more efficiently and cost-effectively. With direct access to our comprehensive and independent reference data, you can confidently cover all your global and regional compliance needs.

We also provide data solutions specific to each key regulation. These solutions provide flexibility and enable you to evolve with ever-changing requirements – by giving your business the data you need, right when you need it.

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Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Prepare for the journey

Although the regulatory journey is through different and evolving landscapes, one thing is consistent: they all require preparation.

Think strategically

Regulatory demands are considerable. A holistic approach is the path to efficiency and a less costly response.

Engage a trusted partner

We are your trusted guide and partner providing you with the knowledge and tools to put you in control of the outcome.