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Instrument sanctions

DataScope Select’s instrument sanctions service provides a pre-trade compliance solution for data professionals. Empowering them to make decisions about whether to trade, hold or divest their position in sanctioned securities.


Why choose our instrument sanctions service?

When a country or group of countries takes action to impact the economic interest of another country or group of countries, they may impose sanctions to bring about pressure for social or political change.

Sanctions can be comprehensive. The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), the US sanctioning authority, refers to this type as Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) sanctions. SDNs freeze any business or trading activity associated with an individual or company.

Sanctions can also be targeted – referred to as Sectoral Sanctions Identifications (SSI) sanctions. SSIs restrict transactions in securities created by specific businesses, groups or individuals – the area covered by DataScope Select’s instrument sanctions services.

Our solution

Be transparent with our instrument sanctions service 

DataScope Select’s instrument sanctions service provides a trade compliance solution for market participants, ensuring they have access to lists of sanctioned companies and details of the securities that those companies have issued, sub-divided by asset classes. This information is an integral part of the decision-making process and helps determine whether a firm should trade, continue to hold or divest their position in sanctioned securities.

The service is built on the foundation of Refinitiv’s extensive legal entity database which offers detailed company information spanning more than 6 million entities in over 240 market locations, including hierarchies that cover subsidiaries, affiliates and SPV relationships all of which are supported by hundreds of dedicated content experts.

Each instrument sanctions subscription provides a standalone report arranged by a supported sanctioning body (OFAC/EU/UK) and a sanctioned country.

Each instrument sanctions subscription provides a standalone report arranged by a supported sanctioning body (OFAC/EU/UK) and a sanctioned country.

These regularly updated reports catalogue all sanctioned entities, including their subsidiaries and any affiliates. They provide identifiers and associated reference data for all fixed income securities and equities issued by the sanctioned entities, alongside an indication of whether they are considered a sanctioned instrument.

Content experts determine how each supported sanction regime is tracked, taking into account country specific requirements where they apply. An example of this is OFAC’s Executive Order 1359 for Chinese instrument sanctions as it specifies that the impact applies to ‘…publicly traded securities (or any securities that are derivative of, or are designed to provide investment exposure to such securities)’. This package includes details of exchange traded derivatives, warrants, indexes and ETF’s where a sanctioned security is either an underlying or a constituent of the respective instrument.

For a detailed view of the data attributes supplied in each sanctions report and a sample file please refer to the user guide.

Features and Benefits

How our instrument sanctions service can benefit you 

Transparent depth and breadth of data

Over 6 million entities across 240 markets covering the organisational structures of parent entities, their subsidiaries, joint ventures and affiliates, from trusted, auditable sources.

Quality control and assurance

We monitor all corporate actions associated with sanctioned companies and their respective Instruments, utilise alerts for any new issues and verify using original documents.

Easier data mapping

Information required for sanctions report compliance is aligned to Refinitiv identifiers (RICs and Perm IDs), enabling efficient mapping and insights from the data.

Flexible delivery

Multiple connectivity options are available through DataScope Select to automate retrieval of instrument sanctions files including GUI, REST API or (S)FTP.

Alignment with sanctioning bodies

We closely monitor all EU, OFAC & UK published data in order to provide timely updates and pass-through accurate compliance information.

Sanction expertise

Access support from analysts for specific queries and research. We have hundreds of market analysts across the world, covering over 50 languages.