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    Refinitiv expands its digital investor solution with ‘Wealth Connect’

    New collaboration capability aids the digital transformation of wealth management firms and advisors.

    ARRC announces Refinitiv as publisher of its spread adjustment rates for cash products

    Alternative Reference Rates Committee (ARRC) has selected Refinitiv, an LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) business, to publish its recommended spread adjustments and spread-adjusted rates for cash products

    Celebrating international women’s day Refinitiv calls for more companies to disclose their efforts to close the gender pay gap

    New Refinitiv report ‘The Gender Pay Gap and your Investment Strategies’ finds that corporations are taking action as society places an increased focus on inequalities, but more needs to be done.

    Refinitiv Partners with Indian fintech MarketsMojo to empower investors with smart data and analytics

    MarketsMojo will be using Refinitiv’s advanced products such as Knowledge Direct, a flexible API that empowers advisers with the data and tools they need to be more productive and attract investors.

    Refinitiv partners with Nairobi Stock Exchange to enhance transparency of secondary fixed income market in Kenya

    Refinitiv partnered with the Nairobi Stock Exchange to enhance Fixed Income (FI) price discovery and raise market transparency in Kenya

    FXall delivers advanced FX trade execution capabilities to buy-side traders

    With the release of Order Splitting, Refinitiv’s FXall platform further empowers buy-side traders to minimize the market impact of their FX trades.

    MarketPsych ESG analytics to analyze corporate sustainability

    Refinitiv rolls out MarketPsych ESG Analytics to analyze corporate sustainability-related news and social media in near real-time

    Refinitiv forms partnership with Freedom Seal Global to help stamp out modern-day slavery from supply chains

    Refinitiv, and Freedom Seal Global are forming an innovative partnership that will harness risk intelligence data on human trafficking as part of a concerted effort to stamp out modern-day slavery from corporate supply chains around the world.

    Refinitiv adds cybersecurity and company credit risk ratings to due diligence reports

    Refinitiv is further expanding the scope of its data-driven due diligence reports with the addition of cybersecurity and company credit risk ratings from BitSight and Creditsafe.

    Refinitiv makes ESG company scores free, rolls out ESG voice app to facilitate access to latest EST company data

    ESG company scores transparently and objectively measure a company's relative ESG performance. Companies now better able to see and provide additional data to inform their ESG scores. ESG Voice App enables users to interact with Refinitiv ESG data and content via voice access.