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MiFID regulations

Navigating the changing landscape of MiFID regulations 

What is mifid ii

Our take on MiFID II 

MiFID II went beyond the original directive with high level goals of increased transparency of markets, a shift in trading towards more structured marketplaces, lower cost market data, improved best execution, orderly trading behavior within markets and more explicit costs of trading and investing.

MiFID II explained

The impact of MiFID II worldwide

MiFID II in Europe

As an extension of the original directive, MiFID II affects anyone engaged in the dealing and processing of financial instruments, from business models, systems and data, to data, people and processes.

MiFID II beyond Europe

Because of the cross-border nature of today’s investment environment, MiFID II implementation impacts firms around the world that deal either directly or indirectly with Europe to varying degrees.

Firms with investments and/or ownership of companies outside their domestic market are highly likely to have exposure and obligations under MiFID II.