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Borsa Istanbul

Where data is distributed via a Datafeed, the Client must have in place an entitlement system:

a) whereby each User/Device accesses Borsa Istanbul real time information through a user id and confidential password; and

b) that is able to report access to the information in accordance with the exchange's unit of count policy. Entitlement records must be retained for a period of 5 years following the period to which the records relate.

Clients in receipt of Borsa Istanbul information are subject to the terms and conditions of the exchange's data distribution agreement, and use of the exchange's data must be compliant with those terms and conditions.

In the event of an audit by Borsa Istanbul, the Client shall provide the exchange personnel or their representatives full access to its premises, shall provide all the documents and information deemed necessary by the exchange and shall sign the official reports and minutes drawn up by the exchange.

Client is not permitted to use Borsa Istanbul information to establish new markets providing opportunities for trading Borsa Istanbul-listed securities through its own system nor to be involved in activities for the distribution of the transaction and prices originated in these new markets.