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LIMITATION OF UTILIZATION OF THE INFORMATION BY THE USERS: The USERS may utilize the INFORMATION acquired from the PURCHASER in accordance with the following rules:

  1. EXTERNAL REDISTRIBUTION BY USERS – USERS that wish to be REDISTRIBUTORS of DELAYED INFORMATION or REAL-TIME INFORMATION, must enter into an agreement with DERIVEX prior to doing so. Once DERIVEX notifies the PURCHASER of the approval in writing, authorizing the USER to become a REDISTRIBUTOR, the approved USER may then become a REDISTRIBUTOR.
  2. NON–DISPLAY – DERIVATIVE WORKS LIMITATION -USERS that intend to use the INFORMATION to create indices that will be used as or forms the basis of a tradable instrument in the nature of a security in real time must enter into an agreement with DERIVEX prior to doing so and must report its use directly to DERIVEX. For purposes of this Contract, "indices" shall mean statistical or numerical measure of the value and changes to the value of a representative grouping of securities or other investment vehicles.
  3. DERIVEX prohibits the transmission, transfer, reform, publication, reproduction, distribution, sale, leasing or marketing of the INFORMATION without authorization by DERIVEX.

Users may view, use and copy the INFORMATION to which they have access and in turn, to distribute and redistribute to any third party in the ordinary course of the USER’s business limited extracts which: (a) have no independent commercial value; and (b) could not be used as a substitute for any service (or a substantial part of it) provided by DERIVEX and (c) in a non-systematic manner. For purposes of this Contract, a “non-systematic manner” means use on an infrequent basis and not automatically generated by machine or regularly created by individual USERS. (d) it is not independently sold by the PURCHASER or by DERIVEX. End Users are allowed to provide insignificant and infrequent amounts of INFORMATION to any third party in the way of graphs or diagrams.