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Dow Jones Indexes the marketing name of CME Group Index Services LLC (Dow Jones Indexes)

Pursuant to the Third Party Services Schedule, Client is required, as a condition of continued access to Dow Jones Indexes index constituent-level data and/or index values (the "Data"), a Third Party Service, to comply with the terms of use set out below.

To the extent that Client would like to use any portion of the Data or data derived there from (Derived Data) for any purpose other than the purposes expressly set forth below, Client must enter into a direct license agreement with Dow Jones Indexes. Inquiries may be directed to djivendors@djindexes.com.

The Data may be used by Clients of services of Refinitiv and its affiliates (Refinitiv) solely for internal business purposes. Client understands and agrees that it shall not: (i) use the Data to create, issue, manage, sponsor or develop any financial products (including, without limitation, derivatives, funds, structured products or contracts for difference) where the price, return and/or performance of such product is based on or intended to track any index published by Dow Jones Indexes; (ii) use the Data to create or develop indexes, a classification system or historical databases; (iii) create any Derived Data based on the Data, except with Dow Jones Indexes' express written consent; (or) disclose, duplicate, display, redistribute, resell or otherwise convey the Data or any portion thereof internally within Client's organization except to other authorized end users of the relevant Refinitiv services or externally to any third party.