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KOSCOM Corporation

Please note the following details relating to KOSCOM delayed information:

  1. Information is provided with a time delay of at least 20 minutes;
  2. KOSCOM and Information Owner accept no liability for the accuracy or reliability of the Information or any loss or claims arising from use of the Information; and
  3. recipient of the Information is permitted to use the Information exclusively for the recipient’s own internal use; any commercial licensing or redistribution of Information to any third party is not permitted without the prior written agreement of KOSCOM.

Please note the following details relating to the distribution of KOSCOM Information to Subscribers by Refinitiv:

Subscriber Agreement shall provide that Subscriber is permitted to exclusively use the Information internally and that redistribution of Information to third parties is not permitted without prior approval of KOSCOM unless otherwise provided in writing.

Subscribers are not permitted to redistribute the Information without prior approval from KOSCOM.

Subscribers shall notify KOSCOM their Non-Display Usage and shall pay Non-Display Purpose Fees directly to KOSCOM in accordance with Policy.

KOSCOM or any independent agent acting on behalf of KOSCOM may, on at least 30 days' notice, inspect systems, equipments, control procedures, records of Refinitiv (including systems, equipments, control procedures, records installed at the premise of Subscriber, and as per Clause 9.4) insofar as they relate to the purpose of verifying compliance with this Agreement.  For avoidance of doubt, there is no limit on the number of inspections on a Subscriber, which may include inspections on Refinitiv' equipment installed at Subscriber's premises.

Subscriber acknowledges that delays, interruptions, omissions or inaccuracies of Information which are not caused by KOSCOM's willful misconduct or gross negligence may take place, and agrees that KOSCOM shall not have any obligation or liability to Subscriber or any other party for any direct, indirect or consequential damages related to such delays, interruptions, omissions or inaccuracies.