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Markit – iBoxx Indices

Except as otherwise permitted by Markit, You shall only be allowed to use the Markit iBoxx data internally in the course of your business, and shall not:

  • use the Markit iBoxx data to create books of records or for position level valuation purposes,
  • redistribute, transfer, sub-license, rent, lend, transmit, sell, resell, re-circulate, repackage, lease, publish or otherwise re-distribute, or make available all or any portion of the Markit iBoxx data, save however that You may redistribute an insubstantial amount only of the Markit iBoxx data; and
  • use the Markit iBoxx data to develop, create, support or directly price any index (e.g., any composite financial index) or for any other databases, products or services. 

Certain Third Party Providers require a specified notice period for the cancellation of their Service. Accordingly, for Markit iBoxx Service you will continue to be billed for 90 days after ceasing to declare entitled Users on your Access Statement.