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MSCI RiskMetrics Solution

Client shall not use the ‘RiskMetrics Solutions on Eikon’ service (“Service”) to verify or correct data or other information in any index or other compilation of data or information. Client shall not use the Service or any portion thereof in connection with the writing, creating, managing, trading, marketing or promotion of any securities or other financial instruments or products, including, without limitation, funds, synthetic or derivative securities (e.g. options, warrants, swaps, and futures), whether listed on an exchange or traded over the counter or on a private‑placement basis or otherwise or to create, market or promote any indices (custom or otherwise).

Client may redistribute limited extracts/insubstantial portions of the Service to its investors and/or regulators so long as such redistribution is non-systematic and non-commercial.

Regarding the Service, in the event of any conflict between Client’s direct agreement with RiskMetrics Solutions (“RMS”) and Client’s agreement with Refinitiv, Client’s agreement with RMS shall control with respect to Client’s use of the Service, including but not limited to, Client’s use of the Portfolio Risk Analytics Data.