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Internal audit management software


Used by hundreds of organizations around the world, AutoAudit improves the efficiency of the internal audit process and offers enterprises of all sizes a structured approach to scoping and conducting audits.

Why choose AutoAudit?

AutoAudit software has been designed to help teams manage their activities transparently and effectively in a shared and secured environment.

An application that has evolved over 20 years, AutoAudit has been developed and refined by internal auditors, and is used by over 500 internal audit functions over the world. With this solution, you can:

  • Store all related documents in a single database
  • Streamline processes to ensure resources can be allocated with speed and efficiency
  • Free teams from manual tasks, allowing them to refocus efforts on strategic goals and deliver actionable results.

With robust features for risk assessment, planning, issue tracking, and administration, AutoAudit is the most efficient way to manage an audit department.

Features & benefits

What you get with AutoAudit

Improve audit processes

Standardize, automate, and manage internal audit processes to greatly improve productivity, efficiency, and consistency.

Value for the whole organization

Easy to install and use, AutoAudit helps remove complexity, identify emerging risks earlier, and drive richer conversations.

Superior reporting

Powerful end-user reporting capabilities: dashboards, interactive multi-dimensional views, and a user-friendly report interface.

Risk-based approach

Identify risk criteria and define risk models, follow user-defined auditable entities, and link risk assessments to related audits.​

Secure and centralized

Create, share, and store electronic work papers in a centralized location​, and set personal profiles and permissions.

Enhanced communication

Create web-enabled surveys, invite stakeholders, see responses in real-time, and build a survey history and database of questions and responses.

How it works

AutoAudit in more detail 

Drive internal audit efficiency through automation.

Meet the growing demand on audit

AutoAudit enables you to use and share audit-related data with ease, as the solution’s remote access provides you with the ability to work offline and replicate the content when convenient. This enhances productivity by enabling your audit teams to work collectively from any location.

Emphasis is placed on measuring risks and investigating material threats and control weaknesses, as the solution helps minimize the possibility of redundant efforts among teams. Workpapers are stored in a highly secure and centralized database, providing visibility and accuracy of audit data throughout the organization. This centralized approach also makes the review process easy for everyone, including auditors working remotely.

Drive enhanced, time-efficient performance

AutoAudit delivers strong customer support and professional services expertise, and can be implemented and maintained without IT assistance. A large library of standard templates provides a framework to drive repeatable and consistent audit activities, as well as adherence to management-approved steps and audit industry best practices.

With the ability to securely share workpapers, audit findings, key risk areas, and recommendations, your teams can save countless hours of repetitively moving and copying information. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office, AutoAudit allows your audit teams to utilize and store Word and Excel files enabling you to use familiar files and existing documents without the need to learn new software.