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Client onboarding for KYC compliance

Client On-boarding

Our Client On-boarding platform offers an end-to-end client lifecycle management solution, leveraging our best-in-class data, technology, and partner community.

Why choose Client On-boarding?

Streamline your client lifecycle management processes using our Client On-boarding solution, combining functionality with best-practice Know Your Customer (KYC) policy definitions and client data models.

Customized to your specific needs, we provide robust tools for centralizing client data, defining rules, processes, and forms. Our solution covers multiple jurisdictions, business units, and the ever-changing regulations.

We have deep expertise of the KYC process requirements to deliver a solution faster and more cost effectively than your in-house functions. Our platform facilitates compliance with the complex and specific needs of KYC client onboarding, while ensuring maximum flexibility for the common areas of business change in the onboarding and client lifecycle process.

Features & benefits

Address the challenges, stay compliant

Leaders in risk

Automates new client onboarding and ongoing refresh cycles while ensuring compliance by enforcing policy through technology.

Automated processes

Automatic workflow task routing, prioritization, monitoring, escalation, and life-cycle management are all included.

Lifecycle management

Designed to manage various workstreams required to onboard a new customer and ensure compliance with KYC and other requirements.

Ongoing and retrospective due diligence

Continually and retrospectively monitors the customer base for compliance with regulatory and internal requirements.

Integration with internal systems

Integrates with document repositories, client repositories, single sign-on environments, transaction systems, and more.

Checked against World-Check Risk Intelligence

System automatically indicates hits, screening for PEPs, sanctions, regulatory and law enforcements, and negative media content.

How it works

How does Client On-boarding work?

Client On-boarding comes pre-packaged with best practice rules, workflow, and data components that can be further customized to your individual policy requirements through our easy-to-use configuration tools.

Core modules

Client On-boarding includes the following core modules:

  • Client request and onboarding framework
  • KYC compliance
  • Credit request approval
  • Legal agreement approval
  • Tax
  • Account setup.

Each of these modules can be deployed independently with the client request and onboarding framework. That allows an organization to begin with the implementation of one of the modules (typically KYC) and to broaden the scope of the deployment over time.

Stay compliant

The design of Client On-boarding recognizes that the regulatory and compliance environment is ever-changing and adapts to new requirements with ease.

Our solution is an automated workflow process that is effective because it understands the structure and intricacies of the data it is designed to capture and process. It achieves every one of the specific goals of a client onboarding system, namely to:

  • Collect correct client information
  • Maintain data and documentation over time
  • Ensure continuous adherence to policy
  • Provide transparency and accountability throughout the process.

Out-of-the-box solution

We provide an out-of-the-box, onboarding-specific functionality, pre-populated regulatory policy templates, and client data models that have been proven across multiple business, product lines, and all organizations. This creates an accelerated, lower risk delivery of a solution to the business.