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Agile audit management solution

Audit Management

Capitalize on change and navigate business complexity to reach informed, strategic decisions – operating as a trusted advisor.

Why choose Audit Management?

We have been an innovator in audit management for more than 20 years, evolving and adapting technology and methodology to our customers’ changing business environment. Audit Management, a solution on the Connected Risk platform, builds upon our history and experience of delivering market leading audit management tools to provide much needed adaptability and flexibility for your ever changing business landscape.

Multiple sources of risk data can be drawn upon during internal audit reviews to help your teams develop deeper business insights, prompting them to ask the right questions and reach consensus on audit findings.

  • Integrate data and information from front and back office systems as well as third-party sources to monitor risk levels, enable agile audit methodology, and support your audit planning.
  • Improve auditor productivity and user satisfaction through the integration of business data into key audit processes and tasks.
  • Streamline the preparation of data and engagement with external audit and aid faster facilitation of regulatory requests.

Features & benefits

What you get with Audit Management 

Agile audit planning

Version control with a full audit trail - pivot in response to requests for independent reviews while maintaining clear evidence.

Smooth out legacy platforms

Leverage legacy and disparate technologies and unite outputs for a holistic view of risk - reliably and systematically.

Maximize value of risk data

Draw upon relevant pools of risk data for information exchange and translation of data to a common standard for consolidation and reporting.

Streamlined audit execution

Link electronic workpapers to multiple audit file elements and findings, with test plans that cover multiple controls, related risks, and processes.

Flexible risk assessment capabilities

Configurable approach to risk assessment methodology definitions. Proprietary advanced data modeling, mapping, and workflow developer.

​Interactive reporting​

Personalize reports with simple drag and drop functionality as well as filtering and sorting capabilities.

How it works

Audit Management in action 

A connected approach to audit management

With Connected Risk’s advanced data mapping capabilities, you can retain audit specific taxonomies and reporting structures while feeding the outputs into a common reporting layer and data standard.

We offer flexible risk assessment matrices that draw on data from both lines 1 and 2 of defense, but with the flexibility to augment this with audit manager intuition, applying the mid-cycle directional change needed to remain agile and responsive to strategic change.

Streamlined reporting

Audit Management on the Connected Risk platform provides collaborative electronic workpapers, allowing your audit teams to maintain structure to their work, but with the freedom to apply creative thinking when presented with emerging risks, new business development, and other activities beyond routine processes.

All activities take place on an open platform that allows secure distribution of your findings to maintain transparency and buy-in.