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Embrace risk management and mitigate risk

Risk Management

Quickly identify and react to potential risks and respond to opportunities and threats with reliable data supporting your decisions.

Why choose Risk Management?

Drive awareness of emerging risk with Risk Management, a solution on our Connected Risk platform. Using a flexible assessment engine that aligns with your organizational methodology and processes, the solution delivers a truly holistic and harmonized view of your overall risk position.

Equip your organization with the tools needed to quickly identify, capture, and manage multiple sources of risk across the enterprise. Apply data analytics to assess your risk and controls, and integrate disparate data sources with an adaptive data model to house all relevant information – helping achieve a risk mitigation strategy that suits your business requirements.

Benefit from tracking a full history of multiple risk profiles, while leveraging current data sources and any existing and trusted solutions to achieve an aggregated view of risk.

Features & benefits

What you get with Risk Management

A consolidated risk score

Get a dynamic view, with reports, charts, and heat maps. Respond quickly to events that threaten to breach your tolerance.

Tailored risk reporting and analysis

A full history of your risk profile utilizing an integrated reporting engine and mapping capabilities.

Indicator and incident management

Action plans in response to risk indicators and incidents, from capture to closure. Report incidents across their lifetime.

Leverage existing data and solutions

Consolidate legacy tools and spreadsheets and fill gaps, improving reliability, process automation, and monitoring.

Flexible taxonomy support

Eliminate the need for a universal taxonomy. Link multiple taxonomies and inter-relationships for an aggregated view of risk.

Tailor to your needs

Risk solutions tailored on our platform, and an out-of-the-box configuration tool. Refine to your needs.

How it works

Risk Management in action

Manage your risk appetite and reporting

Risk appetites can be defined and tracked at any point within the data structure. This allows for a more dynamic view of your risk profile, recognizing the varying sensitivity to risk across functions and processes.

Any breach of risk tolerance is reportable, with associated alerting. All collated risk information is exposed through an integrated reporting engine that allows for the configuration of reports, charts, and heat maps. This, tied to powerful data mapping, allows for the creation of a tailored risk management solution to match your exact methodology and culture.

Benefit from a flexible data model

Streamline your risk processes and reduce duplication of effort by connecting processes, information, and ecosystems from disparate systems and data sources. Housing multiple sources of risk enables cross-collaboration and supports the three lines of defense – ensuring all risk decisions reflect the agreed-upon strategy.

Different risk types can be meaningfully consolidated to arrive at an overall risk score. Teams can record multiple impacts and related issues and actions, track incidents, and feed information into the ongoing assessment methodology to inform future scoring.

Local taxonomies can still be maintained, and a bilateral feed provides for relevant information to be extracted from existing systems and fed back to deliver a holistic view of your risk landscape.