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Next-generation governance, risk & compliance software

Connected Risk

Connecting internal and external information from disparate sources to help inform strategic decision-making with a holistic view of the risks that matter to you.

Increase agility with a connected view of risk 

Connected Risk is an award-winning governance, risk, and compliance software platform that delivers an enterprise-wide view of risk.

With our flexible suite of solutions you can easily integrate with the legacy systems you may want to keep, and draw information from third-party sources, for a single, aggregated view of your risk. You can then move quickly through your data with a system of tags, structures, charts, and a shared taxonomy on a dashboard easily tailored to meet your needs.

Connected Risk can deliver the view of risk you want by including any combination of our five solutions: Risk Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Regulatory Change Management, and Model Risk Management.

Avoid the limitations of merging off-the-shelf solutions to your existing processes and reporting standards. This flexible approach to risk management enables you to build a comprehensive picture of risk to drive better strategic decision-making.

Features & benefits

What you get with Connected Risk 

Uniform view of risk processes

Tailor your workflows and automate monitoring capabilities to drive a consistent application of your risk assessment processes.

Effective workflow interaction

Manage alerts with interactive and detailed charts, updates, reviews, and approvals viewable through configurable screens.

Streamline data from legacy solutions

Integrate or replace with a single reference point, mapping different data sources to a common, user-defined standard.

Flexible data model

Advanced mapping joins information sources, bringing together data sets in different formats and taxonomies.

Customizable to specific needs

Use our toolkit to build your own set of solutions that align with​ your existing processes or needs, significantly reducing investment and operational costs.

Product in action

How Connected Risk can help you 

For risk managers

Equip your organization with the tools needed to quickly identify, manage, and mitigate risk from multiple sources across the enterprise. Manage incidents from capture to closure, and record multiple impacts, related issues and actions. Your teams can deliver a simple yet powerful approach to model governance that allows for the capture of on-the-go updates and additions to model inventory; managing changes robustly, with an audit trail of supporting documentation, issue resolution, and sign-off.

Enterprise risk management screen on the Connected Risk platform

Tools to identify, capture, manage and mitigate multiple sources of risk across your enterprise

Compliance Management screen on the Connected Risk platform

Streamline your regulatory and compliance programs, revealing a deeper understanding of your risks

For compliance officers

Develop an efficient compliance framework that identifies, measures, and reports compliance risk across your organization. Consolidate all compliance components into a single, unified solution - simplifying processes, reducing manual effort, and improving accessibility and reliability of the work product. Apply industry frameworks to help structure content, identify gaps, and provide an external lens for reporting and disclosure.


For audit professionals

With the features you need in a robust audit lifecycle management solution, you can collaborate easier with risk and compliance teams via shared information and analysis. You can quickly identify potential risk from changing and emerging strategic direction, and provide the business assurance of regulatory compliance with less cost and burden.

Audit Management screen on Connected Risk platform

Link electronic workpapers to multiple audit file elements, providing more structure to your work

Screen showing integrated risk management as part of the Connected Risk Platform.

Map disparate data sources to a common, user-definable standard to reveal new insights

For line managers and business leaders

Use client-defined hierarchies and taxonomies to consolidate and report on your risks. Combine internal and third-party information into a single, aggregated view of risk. Quickly move through data with a system of tags, structures, charts, and a shared taxonomy - viewable at a specific use case and an enterprise-wide level. This customizable approach reduces the need for external support during deployment or post go-live if using an out-of-the box offering.