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DataScope Plus securities data

DataScope Plus

Save time and money, whilst reducing operational risk with this bulk solution for securities data. DataScope Plus delivers end-of-day pricing and intra-day reference data into your security master, automatically updating so you don't need to manually request the latest data.

Why choose DataScope Plus?

DataScope Plus is a solution for bulk pricing and reference data requirements that provides access to broad, rich datasets – 80 million globally sourced securities – that automatically update every 15 minutes, ensuring your security master is current and accurate.

With a wide range of data packages:

• Reference data
• End of Day pricing
• Contributed pricing
• Technical indicators
• Legal entity data

Providing global cross-asset coverage of equities, futures, options warrants, indices, FX, rates, credit, loans, commodities, securitised debt, corporate/government debt, convertibles, municipals, mortgage pools and OTC Derivatives, users can choose both the content and field level attributes that interest them.

The product offers connectivity options to interface with your own platform (GUI, FTP/SFTP) and customizable content, including a criteria-based screener function, providing additional control over your data consumption whilst enabling you to reduce cost.

DataScope Plus can also help with your MIFID II trade and transaction reporting obligations, including post-Brexit considerations, by providing access to reference data for the full universe of impacted securities on a bulk basis in an efficient way; including data from ESMA FIRDS, FCA, ANNA DSB and Refinitiv calculated Systematic Internaliser analytics.

You can be up and running in less than 30 minutes and have confidence in your decision-making, supported by hundreds of experts in global data centres checking and validating data.

Exciting new data packages and functionality enhancements are scheduled throughout the year including:

• Corporate Actions
• Financial Markets/ Venue Data – Holidays, Session times, Tick ladders 

  • 178
  • 80m+
  • 15
    minutes between updates

Features & benefits

What you get with DataScope Plus

Updates every 15 minutes

Information is always up to date with reference data files delivered 96 times a day.

XML or delimited files

Choose asset types, columns, and order of data - you can decide whether to include delisted instruments.

Fully compressed data

Reduces demand on internal applications for file transfer with Zip and Gunzip data compression.

80m globally sourced securities

World’s single largest source of securities data - be certain decisions are based on comprehensive sources of information.

Automatically added new data fields

No need to reconfigure your GUI when new data becomes available.

Customized view of content

Users can intuitively customize dashboards and get the reports they need from the financial instruments they monitor.