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Access financial apps for Eikon

Refinitiv Eikon App Studio

App Studio screenshot

Eikon App Studio: build, integrate and distribute apps in Eikon

Access best-of-breed financial applications from us or leading third-party solutions providers, and even build your own proprietary apps - all incorporated into one platform.

What does App Studio bring to Refinitiv Eikon?

​App Studio expands the Eikon platform by offering users access to specialized apps built by a wide range of providers, as well as the chance to integrate or even build their own apps, all within a single workspace.​​

Features & benefits

Evolving the Eikon platform

The leading financial desktop

Access the world of financial data, unparalleled news coverage, and groundbreaking analytics tools.

Combined solutions

Combine with leading providers. Get open access to best-in-breed third-party apps; integrate your proprietary apps into Eikon.

A single, integrated desktop

Create an integrated desktop and access all the capabilities you need in one seamless end to end workflow.

How it works

Get building with App Studio

We provide your developers with the tools to build an Eikon app, APIs for data interactivity with native Eikon apps, plus distribution solutions and support. Visit the dedicated section on our Developer Community for quick start guides, tutorials, downloads, and more.