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Commodities trading software

Refinitiv Eikon – commodities

Access information on storage, supply, and demand 

Gain deep insights on commodity trading prices and the markets with Refinitiv Eikon – across energy, agriculture, and metals.

Trusted insights for informed decision-making

All the information and insights you need for commodity trading in a single, intuitive interface. We cover news and analysis, exchange-traded and OTC prices, specialist industry data, fundamentals, and forecasts. 

Eikon screenshot showing Energy power in continental Europe

Top news, real-time prices, and analysis on all power markets

Commodities screenshot showing Baltic exchange shipping routes

Visualize the global energy supply chains with Interactive Map

Understand end-to-end supply chain impacts

See physical assets and visualize the key factors that affect the supply chain and impact commodity prices, such as refinery outages, vessel movements, and weather. Eikon’s Interactive Map feature gives you the full picture.

Commodity fundamentals and price data

While others are hunting for data across different source sites, you can go straight to the numbers and start performing meaningful analysis across the commodity markets. For each asset class, we integrate data from multiple sources so you don’t have to.

Agriculture soybean oil and meal overview screenshot

A comprehensive overview of key elements from the agriculture markets

Screenshot relating to news headlines relating to OPEC

Develop customized screens to ensure you remain on top of all things that matter

Enhance operational efficiency. Reduce budgets.

Want to bring cost-effective alignment across your trading teams? Eikon gives you the latest news, flows, and commodity price information in a single streamlined interface. Plus, Eikon Forums help you identify networking and discussion opportunities with your peers.