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Eikon – corporate strategy and development

Improve your corporate strategy with company-level intelligence. Stay ahead of the competition by discovering new markets, and keeping on top of industry and corporate developments.

Understand your customers’ markets

Support your corporate strategy with the fullest possible picture. Access industry-leading Reuters news with 400 real-time global sources and newswires, over 6,000 global and regional sources, and hundreds of web sources to have all the coverage you need.

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Stay on top of news that impacts your company and the industry in which you operate

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Gain visibility into granular company financial data and industry specific KPIs

Get competitive intelligence

Rapidly build in-depth profiles of existing and new competitors. Benefit from unrivalled data: fundamentals on over 54,000 companies, I/B/E/S Estimates for 21,000 companies, and industry KPIs. Access key macroeconomic indicators across 175 countries and 60 markets around the world.

Full integration with Microsoft Office means you can also easily compile competitive intelligence reports for corporate strategy decision-makers.

Uncover M&A opportunities

Save time and money by getting an independent view on acquisition valuations. Our M&A content covers nearly 1.1 million deals, including 350,000+ US-target and 750,000+ non-US-target transactions, dating back to the 1970s.

Quickly and easily create our industry-standard league table rankings with the league table app in Eikon

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Company overview gives you an immediate summary of all the key data for any single company

Access corporate finance information efficiently

No more trawling through disparate data sources. Eikon provides a single, intuitive display featuring easy-to-use screens, powerful visualization tools, and a logical layout of information. You can even stay up-to-date when you’re on the road with Eikon’s mobile app. Connect easily with the financial industry’s largest professional directory with Eikon Messenger.


Leon Saunders Calvert, Global Head of M&A and Capital Raising at Refinitiv, explores how organizations can future-proof their corporate strategy plans, the risks they face, and how embracing data and technology can lead to a successful strategy.

Video of Leon Saunders Calvert discussing the challenges, risks and opportunities around corporate strategy.

Refinitiv's Global Head of M&A & Capital Raising discusses the growing importance of technology and data