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Eikon app and API innovation

Innovate with Eikon

Access the future. Build your own apps and integrate your own content using Eikon’s App Studio. Our APIs are also bringing Eikon’s open platform to life by enabling integration and interoperability of apps across your desktop.

Data API – seamless content integration

  • Access data directly, for any application, with easy-to-use scripting tools
  • Supports modern technologies including JavaScript and Python. The Python-ready wrapper provides seamless content integration across desktop applications
  • Developers have a modern, open, and agile API to work with
  • Conduct complex analysis quickly and easily using opensource analysis toolkits.
Screenshot showing how the Eikon app works

Eikon Data API: use Eikon data to power any desktop application

Screenshot showing the tools of the Eikon app

Create a workflow across your desktop with Eikon Side by Side API

Side by Side API – connect all the apps on your desktop

Let your own apps talk to Eikon, and create workflows across all of your desktop applications.

  • Connected workflows speed up execution and improve user experience.
  • Minimizing data entry points (linking applications together with context passing) reduces errors and increases productivity.
  • Connecting desktop applications written in any language enables rapid, simple, and powerful integration.

App Studio – access and build specialized apps

  • Rapidly build your own apps for use in Eikon, with restricted or open access.
  • Access third-party apps from other financial technology experts and feed them with our data.
  • Offer all apps in one platform for simplified end-user workflow and easier navigation. Single sign-on means no need for multiple data entries.
Screenshot of the app library

Eikon App Studio: build, integrate, and distribute apps in Eikon

The developer community homepage screenshot

Developer Community: the ultimate toolkit to help Developers get the job done

The Developer Community

Get everything you need to work effectively with Eikon APIs, SDKs, tools, and data – all via a single Developer Community. Connect with a global support network and access tools, documentation, sample code, learning materials, and community Q&A forums.