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​Eikon decision-making and data accessibility​

Refinitiv Eikon's data and features

Access better decisions. The sheer breadth and depth of Refinitiv Eikon's data and features supports your decision-making.

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Unique data sets. Trusted sources. Powerful tools.

Refinitiv Eikon’s unique data sets come from an exceptional range of trusted sources, with multi-asset content that includes company and economic data, news, and analytics, while powerful tools help you pick out market insights, visualize data, and find alpha. 

In addition, you get from insight to action faster and more easily than ever before with Eikon’s combination of machine-learning processing, intelligent search, and built-in charts and visuals. 

Global pricing data

Global, multi-asset pricing, terms and conditions, and analytics are typically based on the longest history available. We cover 180 currencies, with data from 2,000 sources, including 1,800 contributors across government debt, credit, and structured markets.

Screenshot showing fixed income government on Eikon

A universe of global historical data at your fingertips

Experience the full strength of Reuters news

Reuters insights. Eikon intelligence.

Access and quickly sift the independent analysis and incisive commentary of 2,500 Reuters journalists worldwide, plus a further 7,500+ third-party sources – from global press to real-time newswires.

Unique charting tools

Use powerful charting tools to assimilate and act fast on large amounts of information. We’ve seamlessly integrated charts with other powerful apps including screening tools and market monitoring.

Visualize data to spot opportunity with Eikon charting tools 

Screenshot showing price performance for apple inc

Curate information from the broadest sources to give clear direction


We recognize that research, such as news, should be viewed in a number of contexts. With over 40 million items available, we use extensive tagging and cross-reference capabilities to present faceted views, delivering what’s relevant to increase productivity. We have more embargoed research reports and sources than anyone else, and access to Lipper will help you stand out from the crowd.


With a breadth of coverage not found anywhere else, I/B/E/S sets the standard for financial estimates with analyst detail, consensus, and aggregates data, covering 22,000 companies across 87 countries. Plus, gain the advantage with StarMine SmartEstimates, the predictive analytics program ranks each analyst’s performance based on a unique, patented method.

Screenshot showing estimates statement view

It's not just range, but relevance and strength analysis

Screenshot displaying an overview of ratios

Unbeatable scale with Fundamentals for 99% of the global market capitalization


Eikon has the broadest and deepest company data available, with drill-down detail. With over 30 years’ experience in first-hand collection, across 120 countries, Company Views has Fundamentals for 99% of the global market capitalization - 167 exchanges in 123 countries, 54,500 active companies, and 22,500 inactive companies.


Intelligent search

Quickly pinpoint information with our proprietary Natural Language search engine. Ask a simple question and get a relevant result with data, analytics, news, and research. Answers are presented visually so they’re easy to understand and act on.

Not a search box. An answer box. 

Access total freedom and work on the go

Access Eikon anywhere, anytime, and from any mobile device

Get the same easy, seamless access to the data, news, and financial content you rely on, whether you’re in or out of the office. Eikon mobile is automatically synchronized with your desktop.

Customized alerts

Know when prices change or research or news is released, and receive email reminders for economic and company events, with alerts – all synced with the Eikon desktop. Customize alerts on stocks, hedge funds, and FX. Create your personalised, AI-curated briefing of news and information containing exclusive content from Reuters and 7,500+ news providers on the markets and stock you track. Learn more about the Refinitiv Digest.

Screenshot showing how to create an alert on vessels and ports

Stay informed on the data that matters to you

FXall quicktrade screenshot

Obtain quotes from multiple liquidity providers and trade on the best price


Eikon puts you in direct contact with more venues and liquidity pools than any other provider. Eikon gives you access to Autex Trade Route, the world’s largest broker-neutral network, through our FX Trading multi-bank portal, to Tradeweb, the most liquid global market for fixed income and derivatives, and to FXall in Eikon for combined analysis and forex trading capabilities.

Google Chrome extension

Stay close to Eikon content and capabilities while you browse with the Google Chrome SmartMenu. Define a personalized list of shortcuts to your favorite content sets and search Eikon directly. Scan a web page to extract related content from Eikon for company, industry, country, and people profiles.

Eikon Google menu bar screenshot

Eikon grows with the web

Screenshot of social media monitor and latest tweets

Tap into new sources of data

Social media monitor

Award-winning news sentiment data and analysis of StockTwits to help professionals gain unique insight and competitive advantage. Track the current buzz, discover patterns and potential connections on stock price, and monitor social media activity across the world.

Working with Eikon

Trade faster. Invest smarter.

Quickly uncover hidden opportunities in the area you work in with comprehensive data and content.

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