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Energy commodities trading software

Refinitiv Eikon – energy commodities

Optimize your deep analysis and spot growth opportunities in the power, gas, coal, carbon, and oil markets with Refinitiv Eikon.

Predict energy and crude oil price movements

Access comprehensive, forward-looking energy market intelligence, plus independent, in-depth analysis of the oil, power, gas, and carbon markets. All powered by our research and forecasts team.

Eikon Energy screenshot showing energy and crude oil price movements

Discover real-time data for Oil future contracts and prices

Eikon Energy - Trade across energy assets and markets

Confidently trade in the Power markets with access to comprehensive fundamentals, market forecasts and supply/demand scenarios

Trade across energy assets and markets

Whatever the region, whatever your focus, you can quickly understand the key market drivers using energy research and forecasts on Eikon – including Point Carbon analysis. From fundamentals to climate policy and economic development, we make it easy to discover energy-related content relevant to each region.

Get all the breaking news

Stay ahead of the energy markets with Reuters news. Delivered in Eikon, you get the latest facts from the global energy markets supported by award-winning journalists, plus independent commentary from our columnists.

Eikon Energy Strategy Top News screenshot

Develop customized screens to ensure you remain on top of all things that matter

A screenshot showing Eikon Energy crude oil flows

Our unique Oil flows research provides insights on key supply/demand data 

Understand real-time supply and demand flows

You need up-to-the-minute energy market and pricing information. So apps like Power Curve give you forecasts for power contracts in real time while taking into account weather, supply and demand changes, and capacity. With the ability to access oil and LNG flows, you’ll be fully informed.

Visualize the energy trade

Visualize the flows, shipping, pipeline, and infrastructure across the energy value chain with Eikon’s powerful Interactive Map feature.

Screenshot showing the Baltic exchange shipping routes

Visualize the global energy supply chains with Interactive Map