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Fixed income market analysis

Refinitiv Eikon – fixed income

Get the knowledge, insight, and speed you need to stay ahead with your fixed income investments.

Boost fixed income security investments

Boost your fixed income security investments by seeing further, knowing earlier, and acting quicker. Sharpen your fixed income price discovery with a wide range of pre-trade tools – Reuters, IFR news, Tradeweb, MarketAxess, single dealer bond data, Markit, as well as Starmine CDS data and LPC loan information. All delivered through an innovative desktop and mobile app.

Top news screenshot showing fixed income markets

FI home page provides market moving Reuters news stories integrated directly into your workflow

Screenshot showing rate views overview page

Consolidated views of critical benchmark rates markets

Understand changes in the rates market

From news to pricing and fixed income market data, you’ll find unrivalled rates coverage and tools in Eikon. For example, IFR’s forward-looking analysis provides critical information on fixed income markets.Our G40 Rates View app allows you to find fresh trade ideas. And our Libor Transition app, enables you to keep up to date with real-time information on the evolving global changes to interest rate benchmarks in all major financial markets. 

Intelligent solutions to complex regulations

Market regulations pose significant challenges. Our portfolio-centered, multi-asset pricing system helps you comply – including MiFID II. You can also address the BASEL III Capital Charge, calculate the CVA of your portfolio, comply with IFRS9 requirements, and manage CSA collateral arrangements. And to make sure you’re ready for the fixed income securities future, Eikon also delivers advanced analytics, multi-asset CVA, MtM, P&L, and risk reporting.

Screenshot of fixed income credit default swaps

Derivative market views provide perspective on instruments and economics