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Investment research management software

Eikon – investment management

Have full confidence in your investment decisions and investment management strategies with Eikon, through trusted data and insightful analytics.

Monitor the impact of market movements

Better understand impacts on your investment portfolios with access to the very latest data, news, analysis, and charts. See how stock and sector market movements affect contributions to your portfolio’s relative, absolute return, and attribution numbers.

Screenshot showing the portfolio intraday of FTSE 100

Drill down into the sectors and securities driving portfolio performance

Screenshot showing estimates for J Sainsbury's PLC

View analysts' aggregated estimates on price targets and recommendations

Access investment research

View recommendations and estimates from your in-house investment analysts alongside those from external research providers. All research is tagged to particular securities, industries, regions, countries, and subjects. We have a panel of brokers that can be assessed through to their quality and value, structured for the scope of MiFID II unbundling regulations.

Align portfolios with investment objectives

Import proprietary historical returns or use readily available indices as proxies for asset types. Optimize your asset selection through different models including industry standard methodologies, intuitive profiling, and attribution. Risk tools mean you can easily understand if you're meeting mandates and matching investment style requirements.

Screenshot for Investment management showing portfolio analysis for StarMine

Analyze whether your portfolio is matching investment objectives

Screenshot displaying custom reports

Customize your reports

Customize reports for clients

Create and customize investment performance reports easily, incorporating your logo, disclaimers, and commentary. Build and manage automated batch reporting yourself or by fully outsourcing to our batching service for client reports.

Perform risk valuation and stress tests

Quickly understand areas of potential risk with MSCI’s Multi-Asset Class Risk Analytics suite available within the Eikon platform. Combining this industry-leading multi-asset risk analysis data into portfolios offers solid stress testing scenarios for assessing vulnerability and capacity issues.

Screenshot showing portfolio analytics for S&P Europe BMI

Evaluate returns with recognized industry risk methodologies