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Islamic financal market software

Refinitiv Eikon – Islamic finance

Screenshot of Eikon displaying the islamic finance news and sukuk equities

Islamic finance apps available in Eikon

Eikon offers accessibility to a growing community of business professionals interested in Islamic Finance, from understanding the broader macroeconomic environment, to comparing the performance of Shariah compliant asset classes and instruments.

Islamic Money Markets

Eikon encompasses the entirety of Islamic money markets such as FX, cross currency rates and short-term Islamic money market instruments, in different currencies and different Islamic structures including Murabaha, Mudarabah, and Wakala money market transactions.

Screenshot of Eikon displaying islamic money markets

Select from various currency options, and view other money market insturements.

Screenshot of eikon showing section for for global coverage of Islamic securities/Sukuk

Each issue has a dedicated profile page for additional details.

Islamic Securities & Sukuk

EIKON provides a dedicated section for global coverage of Islamic securities/Sukuk and provides extensive details such as buyers and sellers of Sukuk, most liquid Sukuk, exclusive Refinitiv Sukuk Indices as well as benchmark issuances.

Islamic Equities

EIKON offers a broad collection of Islamic Equities. Over 30,000 company stocks listed have gone through a precise screening process and more than 9,000 are certified as Shariah compliant.

Screenshot of eikon showing broad collection of Islamic Equities

Shariah compliant filter

Screenshot of Islamic investment options displayed on Eikon

All inclusive list of indices, global Islamic funds monitor and screening methodology.

Islamic Indices & Funds

With a database of more than 4,500 Shariah compliant indices, EIKON offers an extensive list of Islamic investment options, which are sourced from international providers such as Dow Jones, FTSE and MSCI, as well as Refinitiv / IdealRatings indices. EIKON’s composition also consists of over 600 listed Shariah compliant funds globally.

Islamic Finance Research

EIKON’s Islamic Finance research library offers a wide selection of reports and studies with advanced filtering options. Research reports include academic and empirical, asset class, macroeconomic and country specific reports.

Screenshot of eikon showing islamic finance research library

Advanced filter options including asset class, region and country specific.