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Islamic finance database

Refinitiv Eikon - Islamic Finance Development Indicator

Islamic finance development indicator screen shot

Refinitiv Eikon offers accessibility to an exclusive Islamic finance database including over 1,500 Islamic financial institutions data covering $3 trillion Islamic finance assets, with the Islamic Finance Development Indicator (IFDI)

IFDI Interactive Map 

Islamic finance development indicator (IFDI) ) is a composite weighted index that measures the overall development and health of the Islamic finance industry. The interactive IFDI map provides and compares the rankings and profiles of 136 countries globally, drawing on instrumental factors grouped into five broad areas including Financial Performance, Knowledge, Governance, Sustainability and Awareness.

Global Islamic Finance Data

Refinitiv Islamic finance development indicator (IFDI) is the most comprehensive Islamic finance database available today. The database provides the details of every Islamic institution that discloses its financials of over 1,600 institutions with a dollar by dollar breakdown of the $4 trillion Islamic finance industry. It includes the information of more than 560 Islamic banks, 330 takaful entities, 4,400 sukuk, 1,900 Islamic funds and 770 other Islamic finance providers.

Global Islamic Finance Ecosystem

Islamic finance development indicator (IFDI) also evaluates the overall Islamic finance ecosystem health among different areas that support the development of the industry including Knowledge, Governance, Sustainability and Awareness. It includes the information of more than 800 Islamic finance education providers, 1,296 Shariah scholars data, 13,216 Islamic finance news titles and 1,053 Islamic finance events information.