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Project intelligence data

Refinitiv Eikon - MENA Projects app

Gain reliable information, transparency and actionable insight into the construction industry, which is now more complex, sophisticated and competitive than ever before.  MENA Projects App, available through the Eikon data platform, empowers you with the project intelligence you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Generate project leads and increase sales

Gain direct access to the decision-makers through the region’s most comprehensive projects, companies and contacts database. Browse and compare over 42,000+ companies, 415,100+ contacts, 15,300+ projects and 181,000+ tenders to find exactly what you need.

Stay ahead of the competition by turning data into insight

Stay informed of the latest market moving news and research with access to 80+ regional and international news providers, and 33+ leading research providers. Use our robust analytical tools to evaluate project opportunities and industry players.

Mitigate your risks and manage your costs

Get visibility of the entire project’s value chain and understand the relationships between participants. Use historical cost and performance benchmarking with our KYC tools to gain the transparency needed to manage risk and cost more effectively.

Maximize your impact by making better decisions

Increase your return on investment by analyzing planned developments to understand where best to allocate resources. Stay on top of market trends; generate reliable forecasts using our geographic, sector project and company information; and get a better understanding of how to expand your business.

MENA Projects app in numbers

  • 23,000
  • $9.71T+
    Value of projects
  • 33,000+
  • 380,000+
  • 180,000+
  • 15
  • 60+
    Regional and international news sources
  • 33
    Leading research providers


How MENA Projects app can help you

Sales and marketing professionals

Find the right contact at the right time

Search over 33,000+ companies and 380,000+ contacts to find and qualify prospects.

Compare all opportunities accros the spectrum

Browse, analyse and compare over 23,000+ projects and 180,000+ tenders to identify the most valuable opportunities.

Focus your time on closing the deal

Use our intelligent filters and export tools to generate quality lead lists. Quickly and easily find the right contacts to target and save time on prospecting. Distribute lists to your team in your preffered format.

Analysts and researchers

Be the first in the know

Get the latest news and insights with speed, impartiality and insight from 60+ regional and international news sources on early stage projects, tenders, industry players and market movements.

Turn data into insight

Broaden your understanding of the market by having access to 33 leading research providers. Use our bespoke analytical tools to uncover trends, expose risks and discover new opportunities to make informed decisions.

Track the competition

Size up your competitor's pipelines with our project portfolio and company analytical tools. Set alerts to be notified of projects they are bidding for and track their contract wins. Benchmark against them by using our comparison feature.

Risk and procurement professionals

Mitigate potential risks

Get full visibility of the project schedule and the participants involved. Recieve predictions on potential bidders and awarded companies. See why projects were set back and who was involved. Check the year-on-year growth of the industry and the current and future supply.

Manage costs effectively

Prepare and provide accurate forecasts on costing to stakeholders using our proprietary building and material indicies. Use regression analysis on cost and bid history for benchmarking.

Get risk intelligence data for due-diligence

Choose which companies to work with our 'Know your Construction Customer' risk features, including World-Check risk intelligence, the leading provider of KYC globally. Organisations worldwide use World-Check to screen for heightened risk individuals and enitities globally, and to uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks.

Senior management and strategists

Be a market mover

Recieve comprehensive coverage of market-moving news, interviews with executives, big events, special topics, new project financing deals and white papers. Join or participate in our thought leadership forums that tackle issues transforming the market today.

Forecast your next move

Produce regional market forecasts using reliable geographic, sector, project and company information. Use our platform to better understand the rules and regulations of expanding your business to another country.

Maximise your return on investement

Perform analysis of planned developments using our timeline feature to understand where to aim your resources an plan strategically for the future. Be armed with the transparency and visibility needed to aim for the projects that offer the highest return on investment.

How it works

Access MENA Projects app through Refinitiv Eikon

MENA Projects App is available through Eikon - a flexible, open platform that’s purpose-built for trade innovation and lets you connect with the world’s largest directory of verified financial professionals.