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Precious Metals trading software

Refinitiv Eikon – metal commodities

Identify opportunities, discover fresh insights, and see beyond the challenges in the precious and base metal market.

Navigate through uncertainty in metals trading

Trade confidently in the face of changing scenarios. By drawing on the expertise of 220 specialist commodities reporters and expert analysts, you get exclusive and timely insights that impact metal commodity prices.

Eikon precious metals overview screenshot

Supply and Demand data for base and precious metals from key regions 

Eikon precious metals supply and demand screenshot

Quickly access key insights on global Metals markets

Flows, supply, and demand patterns

Access outlooks and forecasts covering all key traded metals over a wide range of forward-looking and historical periods. Our specialist team provides independent analysis and research. And, with our deep insight into the drivers of metals pricing, you can easily find and compare prime investment opportunities.

Visualizing metals supply chain and economics

Visualize the key factors that affect the metals supply chain and impact metal commodity prices with Eikon Interactive Maps. You can also see 350+ mines and projects with detailed data on mine profile including production, operating and owning company, operating cost, capital cost, and cash-flow analysis.

Screenshot showing baltic exchange shipping routes

Visualize the metals trade from key producing and consuming areas

Screenshot displaying Eikon Messenger

Network and discuss industry events with your peers

Connect with the metals community

Participate in active, relevant metal markets discussions and raise your profile among the people that matter to you with Eikon Messenger. Access instant communications with 300,000 financial professionals, and 400,000 professionals via the Federated Messaging Community.

Engaging with industry experts

Engage with the leading industry experts and analysts from our research team and understand the analysis with context and further commentary.

Screenshot showing Metals supply and demand

Access real-time prices from major exchanges