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Refinitiv Eikon for portfolio analytics

Leading content. Powerful tools. An award-winning solution. Monitor the markets, generate portfolio management strategies and ideas, and analyse securities with Eikon.

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A systematic approach to portfolio management

Bringing together the industry’s best data with powerful analytical tools.

Refinitiv Eikon's comprehensive portfolio analytics, tools and market insights help you to make portfolio decisions with confidence.

Find the competitive advantage with this multi-asset class solution that covers equities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, fixed income, currencies, FX forwards, and listed futures and options positions, plus growing coverage of over-the-counter (OTC) instruments.

A screenshot of the Eikon dashboard showing portfolio management analysis

Features and Benefits

The benefits of Refinitiv Eikon for portfolio analytics

Forecasts and quantifies portfolio risk

Aggregates and reports ESG metrics

Delivers robust stock selection models

Product in action

What you get with Eikon for portfolio analytics

Global Equity Risk Model


Eikon's proprietary Global Equity Risk Model allows you to forecast and quantify portfolio risk.

For multi-asset class portfolios, MSCI’s RiskMetrics provides:

  • Risk analytics, including parametric and historical value at risk measures
  • VaR, IVaR, CVaR, MVaR methodologies
  • Market exposure and sensitivity analysis, to monitor and report on portfolio risk.

Optimised portfolios

Refinitiv Eikon offers a quantitative approach to portfolio construction

Optimise portfolios by managing tracking error and risk volatility.

The Barra Optimiser in Eikon, combined with our industry-leading content, allows you to:

  • Demonstrate a more quantitative approach to portfolio construction
  • Address index tracking, stock selection and asset allocation in an effort to maximise returns while minimising risk.

Stock and sector market movements

Drill down into the sectors and securities driving portfolio performance with Refinitiv Eikon

Eikon shows how stock and sector market movements affect contributions to your portfolio’s relative, absolute return, and attribution numbers.

  • Drill down into the sectors and securities driving portfolio performance.
  • Better understand impacts on your investment portfolios with access to the very latest data, news, analysis, and charts.

ESG performance measurement and reporting

Aggregate and report ESG metrics for your portfolio with Refinitiv Eikon

Eikon allows you to aggregate and report ESG metrics at the portfolio level.

  • Report against any aspect of a portfolio’s ESG profile – such as gender diversity or carbon exposure – to asset owners.
  • Perform an attribution report to test how an ESG tilt is helping or hurting performance.

Portfolio stress-testing

Evaluate portfolio performance under different stress scenarios with Refinitiv Eikon

Evaluating portfolio performance under different stress scenarios is an important requirement both for internal risk teams and regulatory compliance.

Eikon allows you to stress test portfolios with MSCI’s RiskMetrics, to identify, report and adjust for downside risks.

Refinitiv Eikon technical specifications

Take a moment to verify you have all the basics you need to access or run Refinitiv Eikon on your desktop, or download the app for your mobile device.

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