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High speed content trading technology

Elektron Cloud API

Quickly access real-time data from the cloud, with minimal installation and setup, using the Elektron Cloud API.

Why choose Elektron Cloud API?

Give your users the cost-efficient access they need to our global, real-time exchange, OTC, and contributed data, with the Elektron Cloud API.

Being cloud-agnostic, the Elektron Cloud API can fully align with your organization’s cloud strategy, delivering data to whichever provider you are working with.

Your firm can power up to three of its own applications, supporting diverse workflows such as real-time pricing, portfolio pricing, or trading. And - with multiple, global hubs serving markets across time zones - it’s a timely way to access the market data you need every day.

With no specific infrastructure deployed on your own site, you can be up and running much faster than with a dedicated data delivery circuit, while also reducing the total cost of ownership.

Features & benefits

What you get with Elektron Cloud API

Access to more content

70m+ instruments, including exclusive content sets – twice that of our closest competitor, with greater geographical coverage.

Independence from cloud providers

Whichever provider you’re with - including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud - our API delivers the data.

Lower TCO

A cost-efficient internet connectivity solution - no infrastructure deployed on site, avoiding high leased-line expenses.

Rapid time-to-market

Discover the advantage of faster on-boarding times than with dedicated data delivery circuits.

Optimal use of data

Extract maximum value from our data by using the computing and analytics capabilities offered by your preferred cloud provider.

Backwards compatibility

Legacy APIs can be supported in the cloud.