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FX news and commentary

Reuters FX Buzz

screenshot of FX Buzz Forex option commentary

Detailed options commentary provided in addition to technical and fundamental analysis

An exclusive FX news service, offering actionable FX commentary and analysis throughout the day, delivered by a team of expert Reuters analysts.

Why choose Reuters FX Buzz?

Reuters FX Buzz is a dedicated solution for FX news and insight – with no news duplication, just exclusive, immediate, and granular analysis.

Whether you execute trades on a daily basis or need to keep tabs on your foreign exchange risk a few times a month, Reuters FX Buzz provides actionable insight from concise commentary on news headlines and deal flow to deep-dive analysis of medium or long-term trends.

Reuters FX Buzz includes:

  • Technical analysis
  • Opinion pieces
  • Flows.

It is supported by Reuters breaking geo-political and macroeconomic news and market flow from IFR markets, and is available exclusively in Eikon - providing one powerful solution for all of your FX data and analysis.

Features & benefits

What you get with Reuters FX Buzz


Award-winning FX analysts with years of experience working in and writing for the FX markets.


Based across the key FX centers in Europe, Asia, and America.

Broad coverage

Dedicated coverage of all major currencies including G10 and emerging markets.