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Knowledge Graph enterprise data graph

Knowledge Graph feed

Video overview of the Refinitiv Knowledge Graph feed

Knowledge Graph – uncover hidden connections in your data

Knowledge Graph offers a way to structure our financial data within a pre-identified set of relationships, helping you uncover previously undetected connections.

Why choose Knowledge Graph?

In today's complex digital world, there has never been a greater need to achieve structure out of your content in order to organize information and establish links between diverse data types to solve real business challenges.

To help with this, Knowledge Graph organizes and represents financial information as relationships.

The graphs express all meta data drawn from unstructured content as identifiers, allowing reliable connections to be made across different content types. Based on industry standard formats, our Knowledge Graph feed then organizes and represents financial information according to the relationships between objects such as people, financial instruments, and value chains.

Knowledge Graph makes data-relationship discovery and exploration easier across a range of business requirements, ranging from investment research to business development, sales intelligence to financial crime/risk, and potentially many more.

Features & benefits

What you get with Knowledge Graph


5m legal entities worldwide, with locations, parent-subsidiary hierarchies, and primary activity​.


2.5m corporate officers and directors, including historical roles and academic qualifications.

Instruments and quotes

30m equity instruments and 80m quotes from multiple markets on which they trade.

Value chains

55,000 supplier-customer agreements with textual evidence from news and regulatory filings.


Taxonomies and descriptions for key entity types such as geographies, industries, currencies, and assets.


1.5m mergers and acquisitions and 280,000 private equity transactions with participants and values.

How it works

Knowledge Graph in more detail 

Knowledge Graph expresses all information as relationships. All metadata is expressed as identifiers that are shared between content types, allowing reliable connections to be made.

Many data items in the graph are uniquely referenced by our Permanent Identifier (PermID), which is permanent and machine-readable.
The initial release of the Knowledge Graph feed includes bulk delivery of the following content sets along with specific metadata:
  • Under hidden connections: Navigate through the complex data on strategic and ownership relationships. Build a fuller picture and map connections over time.
  • Apply insights to a range of business requirements: From exploring investment ideas quickly to enriching sales intelligence for business development, from monitoring changes to critical investments to managing risk - the possible applications of Knowledge Graph are constantly expanding.
  • Expand your data world: Start incorporating our content as part of your bigger institutional knowledge graph, connecting your data world to ours.

How to get started with Knowledge Graph feed

Knowledge Graph data is accessible via an API for delivery to your hosted or cloud-based infrastructures. The full RDF content sets can be retrieved as bulk downloads to initially set up your system and then as incremental files using resumption tokens to deliver information that was updated since your last query.

screenshot bubble map of Knowledge Graph how it works

Knowledge Graph organizes financial information according to the relationships between objects