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Know Your Customer (KYC)

KYC as a Service

Streamline your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and improve your customers’ onboarding experience with KYC as a Service, an innovative and cost effective identity verification, entity unwrapping, and screening service.

Why choose KYC as a Service

Optimize your KYC operational processes, client outreach, and due diligence document management whilst accelerating client onboarding, remediation, and refresh.

KYC as a Service brings together our best-in-class risk solutions to deliver you comprehensive KYC records on any corporate client anywhere in the world.

It features an industry leading 400,000 complete and maintained KYC records, plus an entity database of 3m+ corporations and 280,000 funds.

KYC records are built to a global or customised policy standard, fully validated and screened with continuous monitoring and dynamic refresh. Saving you time, cost and effort whilst enhancing quality.

Video overview of the challenging facing KYC and how it is evolving in the future.

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  • 400,000
    KYC records
  • 55+
    global financial institution clients
  • 500+
    individuals managing KYC records

Features & benefits

What you get with KYC as a Service

Increased cost efficiencies

We help you to effectively manage dynamic demand and reduce your cost of compliance, compared to in-house solutions.

Tangible operational efficiencies

Our streamlined and automated end-to-end process delivers complete KYC records to best-in-class industry standards.

Accelerated client onboarding

Save time and reduce duplication of effort with our centralized platform and pool of complete, verified KYC records, and private documentation, accelerating time to trade.

Improved client experience

Minimize your clients’ need to provide documentation. Our operational model uses authoritative publicly available data and our collaborative platform streamlines the exchange of due diligence information.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

High quality KYC record output, dynamic monitoring of client data, and changes to regulation ensure you hold up to date information on your clients.

Product in action

KYC as a Service in action

Trusted data

Comprehensive KYC records, leveraging trusted legal entity information from authoritative sources in over 200 countries and 60 languages.

A comprehensive risk-based KYC policy

Driving a common industry standard through a foundational KYC policy covering 41+ jurisdictions, with flexibility to accommodate regional uplifts.

Specialist KYC operational capability

Global, experienced operational KYC centres of excellence that actively leverage automation and process mutualization to deliver year on year cost efficiencies and drive scalability.

Intuitive technology platform

A simple-to-use platform enables market participants to proactively manage their requests for KYC records and exchange due diligence documentation with their counterparties to meet a broad scope of regulatory demands.


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