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KYC and third-party screening service

Managed Screening Service

A managed KYC, third-party, and denied party risk screening service that highlights positive and possible matches for any customer identification programme.

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Why choose Managed Screening Service? 

Companies with an international footprint need to implement effective internal control procedures to ensure compliance with the full range of legal requirements and reduce exposure to risk during the customer onboarding, screening, and monitoring phases. In particular, supply chains, business associates, joint ventures, and acquisition targets can present unknown risks to an organisation.

Our service highlights positive and possible matches for any customer identification programme, detecting heightened risk individuals and entities, screened against World-Check Risk Intelligence.

By using a managed service like Managed Screening Service, your overall cost of compliance can be reduced, and departments are freed up to focus their efforts on other important activities such as tracking and implementing regulatory change.

Features & benefits

What you get with Managed Screening Service 

Single supplier

We are a single supplier covering three vendor screening management areas: data, software, and service.

Fast turnaround

Positive and possible matches escalated to clients as the resolution team identifies them.

Immediate alerts

Helps prevent in-progress heightened risk transactions as part of the vendor screening and management process.

Swift implementation

We have readily trained resources that can start projects quickly, instead of clients having to train consultants or staff.


Free up time and achieve certain compliance actions with fewer resources.

How it works

Ready for fast and effective risk management?

For organisations who lack the time and resources to screen and remediate against their third parties, we offer a managed screening service, which carries out initial screening, remediation, and on-going monitoring on your behalf, highlighting positive and possible matches for third parties against our Risk Intelligence database with quick and easy implementation:

  • Finds particular application in organisations where resources are stretched
  • Aligns screening to client’s risk based approach
  • Offers an outsourced model with strong quality assurance processes
  • Provides single supplier for content, software, and service
  • Serves the KYC and Know Your Supplier (KYS) value chain.