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Refinitiv MTF

Trade FX derivatives electronically through our Refinitiv MTF and meet execution requirements under MiFID II.

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Refinitiv MTF in more detail

Our multilateral trading facility MTF helps meet your MiFID II execution requirements.  Through our FXall RFQ platform we offer three regulated liquidity venues; the MTF in Ireland offering FX forwards, NDFs, swaps and options;  off-venue in Singapore offering FX spot, forwards, NDFs, swaps and options; and NDFs and Options trading via the SEF.  On Matching you can trade FX swaps on the MTF and FX spot off the MTF. 

Features & benefits

What you get with MTF

A single platform

One platform for trading FX spot, forwards, swaps, NDFs, and options electronically with MTF, SEF, and off-venue execution.

Regulated platform

Support best execution with pre-trade checks for price, size, and volatility.

Deep liquidity

Access deep liquidity from over 180 banks and 2,300 clients.

Streamlined workflow

Pre- and post-trade straight-through processing, with additional MiFID II data fields for reporting and record-keeping.