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Digital identity verification, powered by World-Check

Refinitiv Qual-ID

A powerful combination of digital identity verification, document proofing, and risk screening via API technology.

How do you know your customer if you don’t know your customer?

Secure, efficient, and accurate, Refinitiv Qual-ID is your digital identity verification and risk screening solution.

Leveraging our market-leading World-Check Risk Intelligence data, Qual-ID helps uncover any financial crime-related risk alongside a powerful identity network. Verify identification from trusted sources, proof legal documents, and screen for regulatory and financial risk – all in one transaction, via one API.

A seamless digital experience


Built specifically for financial service institutions, Qual-ID is a global solution.

  • Establish relationships with consumers and improve customer experience
  • Deliver more efficient and secure onboarding
  • Lower costs and enhance compliance.

How Refinitiv Qual-ID works

A comprehensive three-step approach

Refinitiv Qual-ID can be used to verify and prove the identity of new customers applying for retail bank accounts, loans, credit cards, or other retail products. The solution can also be used to quickly and securely onboard high-net-worth individuals in institutional and wealth management.

Identity verification

Animated facial scanner

Checks that a person actually exists and that they are who they say they are by comparing customer information provided with data obtained from independent reliable sources.

Document proofing

Animated blue elements over the top of documents

Confirms that an identity document is legitimate. A facial comparison element adds additional assurance. Both automated and manual mechanisms are available to increase effectiveness. Optical character recognition (OCR) is also available to help improve the customer experience by extracting information and pre-populating other steps in the customer journey.

Risk screening

Animated microscope revealing data points

Identifies any potential risk to help you make informed decisions with our market-leading risk intelligence data - delivered via the World-Check One Zero Footprint API. This comprehensive and unique solution helps you onboard more customers, reduce fraud and abandonment rates, and screen for financial crime.

Features & benefits

What you get with Refinitiv Qual-ID

Easy integration

A single API ensures ease of integration, a seamless user experience, and just one contract with Refinitiv.

A trusted brand and sources

We are a long-established provider of risk information, with proven depth, breadth, and scale within our customer base.

Security and reliability

With full audit trail and reporting, Qual-ID offers peace of mind and added confidence for both you and your customers.