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Real-time and historical data packages

Trusted data powering your business

Trade smarter, find the right real-time and historical data for your business, whenever and wherever you want. Optimize efficiencies and reduce your TCO by accessing the depth and breadth of our data, specific to your business needs.

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Why chose our data?

Trade smarter and find the right data

The trading world has evolved at a fast pace, raising multiple challenges for the market participants when it comes to managing data in an efficient and reliable way. Our data packages enable you to optimize efficiences and your total cost ownership (TCO) by accessing the depth and breadth of our real-time and historical data.

We have developed a suite of content sets to power your business and respond to your specific needs. By accessing our Real-Time Data, Time Series Data, Symbology and Eikon Core Variant solutions you can power your OMS and EMS applications, back test and forecast, identify, reference and easily find the information you need for multiple use cases (up until 25,000 RICS) for your front office and middle office functions:

  • Front-office: Trading-Electronic/ Non-Display, Market Surveillance, Price Discovery, Pre-Trade Research, Back-Testing
  • Middle-office: Trade Reporting, Risk Management, Transaction Cost Analysis, Trade Surveillance, Portfolio Analytics

Features and Benefits

How our Data Packages can help you?

Deeper, broader market data

Access more than 80 million instruments, including exclusive content sets, with greater geographical coverage.

Fast and efficient delivery

Streamline your workflows with efficient, low-latency optimization and cloud delivery options

Machine ready data

Make better decisions with our filtered, cleaned and integrated data sets

Ease to integrate

Integrate content with users’ workflow applications with consistent field identifiers. Full backwards compatibility with legacy models.

Lower TCO

Minimize costs with consolidated data services, connectivity and service delivery options.

Simple onboarding

Streamlined onboarding process avoiding complicated and long periods of waiting to access the content.

Discoverable data

Quickly find the content your users need, when they need it, with our standardized data and symbology normalisation.

Trusted data

Meet MiFID II high-frequency, trading-specific transaction reporting requirements with our tools and industry-leading reference data.


Transforming an industry

Take a look at our special reports on how the trading sector is embracing new technologies.

Data management overtakes market structure as key trading skill

New research by Greenwich Associates in partnership with Refinitiv found that traders see data analysis as a core skill to the trading desk, more than market structure, within three to five years.



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